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Strategic Branding Initiative

Strategic Branding Initiative


Strategic Plan approved by Board of Trustees

View : Board of Trustee Approval

Strategic Brand Initiative gets green light and enthusiastic “GO!’ from Board of Trustees

Full Board Motion


Committee prepares RFP and seeks proposals from consultants

View : Request for Proposal

Agencies selected as strategic brand consultants : Now What / Epic Decade

View : Now What Kick-off Presentation


Phase One Work Plan Initiated

Now What – Unity College : Redefining The Future of Higher Education

Began expert interviews – Faculty, Students, Staff invited to participate

View : Deep Dive Expert Interview Plan 2016

Now What Team on Campus : Focus groups, Class Participation, and Structured Exercises

View : Chiefs Roundtable View : Faculty Roundtable View : Staff Roundtable View : Student Roundtable

Concluded Expert Interviewers : Educators, Innovators, Investors

View : All Interview Transcripts

Campus Wide Debrief : Processing the Insights to date

View : April 12-14 Campus Debrief Notes View : April 12-14 Campus Debrief Concept Images

Environmental Scan: A sweeping look at state of the industry concluded

Now What / Unity College Knowledge Sweep Tracker

Exploring Current Competitors

View : Close-in Unity College Competitors

Exploring Elements of our Brand : Qualitative Insights

View : Now What + Unity Insights Deck

Laddering up / Focusing based on Now What perspective

View : Ten Key Unity Insights and Support

College models that might emerge from this data

Now What / Unity College Business Models

Aggregate Phase One Work Product

View : Board of Trustees Phase One Work Product

Epic Decade Sets the frame for the Innovation Conversation

View :  Set the Frame for the Innovation Conversation

Epic Decade and Unity College Team Explore Brand Vision, Business Models, Organizational Models

View : Micro Salon Report


Progress shared with Unity College Community

View : Strategic Branding Initiative Update – Opening of School 2017

Stamats : Data to support what students want to learn

View : Unity College Current Program Demand Assessment

Epic Decade delivers Vision Book to Unity College

View : Unity Vision Book

Board of Trustees Reviews Progress to Date

February 2017

Stamats : data to support new program exploration

View : Stamats – New Program Opportunity Assessment : Part 1 – Initial Review of Program Opportunities

Stamats : data to support how students want to learn

View : Stamats – Learning Preferences Survey : Prospective Students

Unity College Leadership Team shapes the path forward

April 2017

Stamats : New Program Opportunity Assessment (Final)

View : Stamats New Program Opportunity Assessment (Final)

Board of Trustees Reviews / Endorses the Unity College Brand Strategy informed by Strategic Branding Initiative

Unity College Board of Trustees Q4 Meeting View: Unity College Brand Strategy

Board of Trustees Reviews / Endorses Unity College Strategic Implementation Plan

Bring the Brand Vision to life : August 2017