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Development Timeline

This timeline illustrates major milestones in The Unity College Strategic Plan strategic planning process, and will be continually updated as additional feedback is received and new milestones are met.

Strategic Plan Development



Unity College Board of Trustees Meeting

Board “enthusiastically endorses” “successful stewardship” of Building a Beacon Strategic Plan 2014-2018 and requests new plan be developed Memo: President’s Board of Trustees Meeting Summary to College

Professional Development Presentation by President Khoury

President reports results of Building a Beacon and board decision to endorse Presentation: Building a Beacon Summary Presentation (May 15, 2018)

Summer Leadership Retreat Held

Team provides feedback to president’s draft strategic plan outline, goals, internal communication plan, approach, implementation plan, and decision matrix. Memo: Unity Works Summer Edition

Summer Leadership Retreat Results

Adoption of Internal Communication Plan

Senior Staff adopts Internal Communication Plan for Unity College 2025 Click here to download: Unity 2025 Strategic Plan Internal Communication Plan

Board of Trustees Meeting

Board provides feedback and endorses Unity College 2025 approach, timeline, and Goal Statement. Memo: Summer Board of Trustees Meeting Update


Professional Development Presentation by President Khoury

President shares Goal Statement, timeline, tools, and process. Presentation: Strategic Plan 2025 of Audiences and Iterations

Professional Development Engagement Stations

Employees provide input at five Engagement Stations during Professional Development: Vision, Strategy Screen, Values, Audiences, and Shared Understanding. Results from the Engagement Stations

Unity Works October 2018

    During this session, President Khoury provided an update on the strategic planning process, reflecting on results from August Professional Development, and requesting feedback regarding the Unity College mission. Click here to download President Khoury’s Presentation from Unity Works, October 2, 2018

    Enterprise-Wide Survey

    An enterprise-wide survey requests feedback on the mission, vision, and core values. Survey results are shared with the enterprise on October 10 via email. See survey results.

    Board of Trustees Meeting

    Board provides feedback on the Strategy Screen and survey results. Memo: October Board of Trustees Meeting Update

    Unit Meetings (November 5 – December 7)

    During Unit Meetings, teams generate concepts, phrases, and ideas that further illustrate each core value and develop consensus on the results as a team.