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Four coworkers chat as they walk down the stairs on the Pineland campus.

Employee Growth Opportunities

Let’s Grow Together.

We hold our employees in the highest regard, valuing their contributions and recognizing the importance of their individual career aspirations. We firmly believe in the power of continuous education and personal growth, which is deeply ingrained in our corporate culture.

We not only support but actively encourage our employees to embark on their learning journeys, providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities needed to achieve their professional goals.

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Professional Development Opportunities at Unity

We understand that when our team members thrive, our organization thrives, and we are committed to fostering an environment where growth, development, and empowerment are not just ideals but a fundamental part of who we are.

What Are the Professional Development Opportunities at Unity?

Unity Environmental University firmly believes in the value of professional development both to enhance employee skills and for compliance purposes. Professional development at Unity Environmental University includes specific days set aside for all employees to participate in pre-determined trainings and group meetings regarding the state of the University.

In addition to scheduled professional development days, Unity Environmental University requires certain annual trainings as a condition of employment. Some employees (depending on their role) may also participate in courses, seminars, or conferences that enhance their professional careers.

What are the Opportunities for Promotion and Professional Growth?

Yes, we promote from within as often as possible. When appropriate, we invite our employees to apply for open positions before we post them externally.

Our organizational structure allows for upward and lateral moves. As the University grows and our needs change, we evaluate current employees for new positions and offer them the opportunity to take on new roles, including supervisory roles.

Managers and leadership roles also receive additional management training. Any position that requires vehicle operation as part of their regular job requirements undergo driver safety training as well.

How is Growth Included as Part of Unity’s Culture?

We expect employees to achieve specific outcomes according to their job description, while working both individually and as part of integrated teams.

We have an Audience First approach to education, and decisions are made based on how we can best serve our audiences.

How Does Professional Growth Benefit the University?

A benefit of working within the Enterprise Model is the opportunity to work on special projects and teams that bring different employee talents together for collaboration. Employees may be tasked to projects or task groups depending on their level of subject matter expertise or the position they hold. For a specific project, an employee may report to someone who is not their direct supervisor for the purpose of accomplishing the project objectives.

Task groups are established to undertake specific tasks that cut across functions. The role of task groups is streamlined, and they serve as advisory and recommendation bodies to the leadership team.