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Franki Delaney ’08

Franki Delaney '08What year did you graduate from Unity College? 2008

What was your degree program at Unity College? B.S. Conservation Law Enforcement

What city/ state do you live in now? Pueblo, CO

What was your first job after graduation?
Oil & Hazardous Materials Responder 

What is your current job title?
Environmental Permitting Engineer 

What is the name of your employer?
Battelle at Pueblo Chemical Agent-Pilot Plant 

What does your current job entail?
PCAPP operates under the RCRA permit. It is my responsibility to make sure that any changes the facility makes to their permit is documented and approved by the State of Colorado. 

What do you enjoy about your current job? 
I enjoy being a part of history while working with current environmental laws and regulations. 

Can you tell us a little about your career path since graduating from Unity College?
I started as a conservation aid with the Maine DEP. I was hired full time after I graduated as an Oil & Hazardous Material Responder. I was with the DEP for 11 years altogether before I moved to Colorado. 

What brought you to Unity College?
The programs being offered.

In what ways did Unity College prepare you for your career?
The outdoor class settings allowed me to become familiar with the Maine climate and environment. This was a critical part of my growth because I came from Florida and wasn’t prepared for the Maine winters. Unity helped me adapt to the weather and be prepared. 

What would you have done differently during your college career?
Go after scholarships. Student loan debt is no joke. 

What advice do you have for current Unity students? 
Contact people at the State agencies that are in the field you are interested in. They are more helpful than you think. It’s intimidating at first but once you get to know somebody, they’ll guide you in meeting more people. 

What about professional advice?
Entry level positions are awesome. Don’t underestimate the benefits of them. They might not pay much at first, but if you excel, you’ll get promoted.