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Kenny smiles at the camera with the text Where Will Unity Take You in front of him.

Kenny Landy ’22

Kenny smiles at the camera with the text Where Will Unity Take You in front of him.

When did you graduate, and what degree did you earn from Unity?

I graduated in October 2022 with a master’s in wildlife conservation and management.

Where are you currently working, and what is your role?

I recently relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and accepted a role as a Life Scientist at the Environmental Protection Agency. Currently, I am working as a Project Officer in Region 3 (Mid-Atlantic) in the Water Division- Infrastructure and Assistance Section. 

In this role, my responsibilities include preparing, monitoring and reviewing grant applications, providing technical assistance to grant recipients, responding to questions or concerns raised by grant specialists, and ensuring environmental compliance throughout projects. My responsibilities also include conducting site visits, meeting with grant applicants to discuss their project status, and performing planning, prevention and preparedness activities related to water and other environmental issues. 

How did your education at Unity benefit you in your career?

My education at Unity has been very beneficial. I was hired at a higher grade level because I applied with a masters degree. The professional skills courses in my program, particularly Communication for Environmental Professionals and Ethical Practice and Policy provided me with an understanding of oral and written communication skills and how to interact with the public as well as how to solve environmental issues ethically while considering the diverse array of stakeholders that are involved in many environmental projects. The track course, Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management was particularly useful for understanding how and why humans value natural resources and how these resources should be managed, and how humans affect or are affected by management decisions.

What advice would you give to future Unity graduates as they enter the workforce?

My advice is to apply early, especially if applying for Federal job opportunities. USAJOBS is the main site to use, however, LinkedIn and In-Person/Virtual Job fairs are great resources too. Make as many connections as possible, especially with Unity professionals because they are very helpful and great references. Stay connected during your program and after your graduation with other students, professors, advisors, career counselors and other Unity resources.

The more people you know and are connected with the better. They will help you find a great career and set your career goals.