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Working a Sustainable Agriculture Job

10 Popular Sustainable Agriculture Jobs

Are you interested in working with your hands, tending to the land, or taking care of animals? Do you want a career that makes a difference for the earth? If so, sustainable agriculture jobs may be of interest to you. 

Food production is essential to humans. A history of harmful agricultural practices in the U.S. plus the increased effects of climate change have illuminated the importance of sustainable agriculture. Careers in sustainable agriculture will continue to grow in popularity, from urban greenhouses to eco-farm jobs, as we find ways to maintain our necessary food production. 

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Learn how Unity Environmental University models sustainable practices through its food production and distribution.

Sustainable Agriculture Jobs

Sustainable agriculture is agricultural practices that ensure the vitality of the land for future generations without compromising profit. People on all ends of the food production chain can help make agriculture more sustainable, from the farmers to the restaurant managers who are ordering food. 

Several different types of agriculture careers could focus on sustainability like regenerative agriculture jobs and crop scientist jobs. Here is a list of the ten most popular sustainable farming jobs that could change the world:

Agronomist Working


Agronomists are crop scientists. They study plants, how they grow, cultivation, genetic modification, and other aspects of agriculture. Agronomists work in labs, offices, and in the field. In the field, they may collect samples which they will test in a lab. Some agronomists also design, inspect, and maintain agriculture equipment and structures. In offices, they may create reports based on data collection and analysis.

To become an agronomist, you need a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies, agriculture, or a related field. The job outlook for agronomists is good, with the number of jobs in agricultural sciences expected to grow faster than average in the next ten years. Agronomists are key to ensuring the preservation of soil and water in agriculture. 

Average Salary: $74,160
Recommended Degree: B.S. in Environmental Studies 

Farm Manager

Farm managers manage farmers, livestock, and/or crops depending on the specific position. They also handle administrative tasks such as routine equipment maintenance, budgeting, and record-keeping. Farm managers usually do not work directly with plants and/or animals. This is a more supervisory position that includes overseeing all the staff and operations at one or more farms.

Consider a degree in Sustainable Business Management from Unity Environmental University to prepare you for running a farm. This one-of-a-kind program combines business courses with environmental science and climate change courses. If you would prefer to manage livestock rather than crops, a degree in animal science may be more fitting for you. 

Average Salary: $73,060
Recommended Degree: B.S. in Animal Science 

Greenhouse Manager Working

Greenhouse Manager

Greenhouse managers are similar to farm managers, but they oversee the operations of greenhouses and/or nurseries. This includes cultivating new plants from seeds, propagation, and pest control. Greenhouse managers can make their practices more sustainable by using organic soils, recycling water, and using all-natural products for pest and disease control. 

This job requires time in the greenhouse or nursery space as well as time in an office managing budgets and ordering supplies. At Unity Environmental University, you can prepare for sustainable food jobs with hands-on experience in our greenhouses and farm research station

Average Salary: $73,060 for all agricultural managers
Recommended Degree: B.S. in SBM Sustainable Food and Farming

Urban Farmer

Working in agriculture does not mean you have to live out in the country. As the population of cities across the U.S. continues to grow, we are seeing more urban agriculture jobs. Urban farming will likely be key to a sustainable future. Popular urban farm solutions include hydroponics, vertical farms, and community gardens.

Average Salary: $73,060 for all farmers
Recommended Degree: Certificate in Urban Agriculture 

Restaurant Manager Working

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant management may not seem like a sustainable agriculture job at first glance. However, restaurant managers actually play a key role in sustainable farming because they are responsible for ordering and using large quantities of produce and meat. Restaurant managers can make sustainable choices by ordering from local farms and creating plant-centered menus. 

Restaurant management is not an easy job. It often requires long hours with work on weekends and evenings, but if you are passionate about food and serving others, this may be the perfect career for you. 

Average Salary: $61,220
Recommended Degree: B.S. in SBM Sustainable Food and Farming

Explore online courses in sustainable food and farming that can be added to any degree program.

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Conservation Scientists and Forester

Conversation scientists and foresters usually do not work on farms directly but may consult with farmers. Conversation scientists focus on protecting the earth’s natural resources including water and soil. They may help farmers with irrigation, erosion control, and soil regeneration. 

This job involves collecting samples in the field and conducting tests and experiments to evaluate natural resources and understand humans’ impact on them. If you enjoy solving problems using technology and working with others, this may be a good sustainability career for you. 

Average Salary: $63,750
Recommended Degree: B.S. in Environmental Science and Climate Change

Agricultural and Food Scientist

Agricultural and Food Scientist

For those interested in jobs in regenerative agriculture, consider studying to become an agricultural scientist. Agronomists are one type of agricultural scientist, but there are many other career opportunities to study crops, soil, farm animals, and food distribution. Scientists are vital on regenerative farms to inform agricultural practices based on the quality of the soil, water, and air. 

Food scientists also study the nutritional content of the food we consume and genetically modify food to make it healthier for humans and more sustainable to produce. They mainly work in laboratories and offices for food manufacturing and research companies. Agricultural scientists may also visit farms and factories for fieldwork. 

Average Salary: $74,160
Recommended Degree: B.S. in Environmental Studies 

Agricultural and Food Science Technician

An agricultural science technician is an entry-level position similar to an agricultural scientist. A technician usually does sample collection and lab work under the supervision of a more senior-level scientist. The benefit of a technician position is that it usually does not require a four-year degree, so you can begin working sooner. You can work as a technician while completing your bachelor’s degree for more upward mobility opportunities in your sustainable agriculture career. 

Average Salary: $44,700
Recommended Degree: B.S. in Environmental Studies

Hemp Sales Manager

Hemp Sales Manager

Sales managers oversee a team of salespeople and processes in an organization or business. Hemp sales managers may work for companies that sell CBD products, hemp clothing, or raw material. 

Unity Environmental University offers a degree focused on the hemp industry which includes classes in agricultural science and business management. With the rapid growth in the production of hemp in the U.S. since 2018, the industry is changing the future of agriculture and could play a key role in adopting large-scale sustainable farming practices. 

Average Salary: $127,490 for all sales managers
Recommended Degree: B.S. in SBM Hemp Industry and Science

Hemp Sustainability Manager

Sustainability managers work with other managers and directors to create sustainable practices. Hemp sustainability managers work with hemp farmers, CBD businesses, company executives, and other stakeholders. The hemp industry in the U.S. is growing fast, which means this could be a stable job opportunity for anyone interested in environmental agriculture jobs. 

As a hemp sustainability manager, your day may include travel to farms, labs, offices, and distribution centers. This is a dynamic career, and a degree in Sustainable Business Management (SBM) from Unity Environmental University can help you excel in the hemp industry. 

Average Salary: $79,240 for all business operations managers
Recommended Degree: B.S. in SBM Hemp Industry and Science 

Someone Working a Sustainable Agriculture Job

Discover a Sustainable Agriculture Career Program at Unity Environmental University

Agriculture jobs range from farm work to business management positions. All these roles can make sustainability a priority, and Unity Environmental University provides the real-world skills to do just that. You can choose from degree programs that focus on sustainable crop or hemp production, livestock management, or fighting climate change. We offer flexible programs with a mix of online and in-person classes. 

Degree Programs

Degree programs

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