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SBM Hemp Industry and Science

Bachelor of Science

Next start date is May 10. Applying is easy and free!

The Hemp Industry

Is Steadily Growing

The hemp industry offers new and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs. By 2025, it is projected that hemp will be a $27 billion industry in the United States, and it’s more than just CBD. Hemp can be used as a sustainable alternative for clothing and plastics, and businesses have only begun to explore its uses. 

Program Overview

Unity College’s B.S. in Sustainable Business Management: Hemp Industry and Science will prepare students to be innovative sustainability business leaders in the growing hemp, CBD, and Cannabis industry. This program will provide practical expertise and professional skills to students interested in a profession that advances the sustainable business movement.

Program Features

+ One-on-one academic and professional advising as our world-class faculty and trained staff strive to make your professional and academic goals a reality. 

+ Unity College is an accredited institution by New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). 

+ Experiential Online. Experiential programs are delivered 100% online with fieldwork designed with the working professional in mind. 

+ Study when and where you want and finish your degree while still working full-time. 

+ Make professional connections with leaders in your field. 

+ Get job placement assistance. Browse our online job board and use free tools through our career services

+ Multiple start dates. Begin your program on your time. Choose from eight year-round start dates.

+ Pursue a concentration in environmental GIS, renewable energy, sustainable business, wildlife ecology, or emergency disaster management.

+ Transfer friendly! We will accept up to 90 credits.

Credentials Geared for Specialization

The Science of Hemp and CBD Processing

Students learn the wide range of possibilities that the hemp industry offers. They explore the scientific techniques for growing, extracting the oil, and getting the most out of each plant. The hemp industry is rapidly growing and offers a plethora of career options and entrepreneurial possibilities.

Communicating To Stakeholders

It is important to be able to communicate your needs to stakeholders and be able to convince those parties to support your cause. Students learn how to craft messaging that is value-based to effectively persuade stakeholders to support the cause.

Start Your Own Sustainable Business

Students learn from the successful business owner of Burts Bees, Roxanne Quimby, how to create and grow a sustainable business. As an expert in her field, Roxanne shares insight on how to be successful in a very competitive world. Students will create their own business plans under Quimby’s guidance. At the end of this course students will earn a badge that shows future employers their demonstration of skills.

Experts in the Field

At Unity College, our Faculty is comprised of a wide range of environmental science experts who in addition to teaching, conduct their own research and various fieldwork.

Paul Rushton Unity Faculty

Paul Rushton

Instructor of Business & Hemp Science

Dr. Paul Rushton has a degree in biochemistry from Cambridge University and a Ph. D. from Manchester University. He spent 10 years researching at the Max-Planck-Institute in Cologne, Germany where he made several world first discoveries in the area of plant disease resistance.

Dr. Rushton brings value to his students from his first hand experience with industrial hemp. He was Vice President for Plant Biotechnology at 22nd Century Group, where his experience in the industrial hemp/cannabis world started. Dr. Rushton established the first biotech lab for hemp in the State of New York, has spoken at hemp conferences and expos, and is author on several pending hemp/cannabis patents.

Small Class Sizes

Small Class Sizes

At Unity College, we believe our students are not just a number. The value of small class size intimacy is just as important to us in our distance education program as it is in traditional classroom settings. We give the benefit of creating tight-knit communities where networking can flourish. By keeping our class sizes small, our faculty can dedicate their time to providing all one-on-one guidance when needed by a student.

Degree Requirements and Courses

A minimum of 120 earned credit hours, 30 credits earned at Unity, and an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0. For all degree requirements download the Sustainable Business Management HEMP Concentration Checksheet​ or the Unity College Distance Education Course Catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Career Outlook

Build your own business

Break into the hemp industry


Median salary of sales manager


Projected 10-year growth of marketing strategist


Median salary of general manager

Source: Burning Glass Technologies. “Labor Insight™ Real-Time Labor Market Information Tool.” Updated March 11, 2020.

Careers and Outcomes

Follow your curiosity.

Realize your potential.

Faculty Profiles

Seek out knowledge.

Learn from leaders.

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