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Category: Unity News

September 02, 2011

Jimmy Carter Solar Panels

The story has been told in numerous news and feature articles, referenced in books, featured in television stories, and chronicled in a documentary film entitled A Road Not Taken.  It is an environmental story to ponder with Unity College, a sitting U.S. President ( road trip to the White House), and former President sharing connections. In 1979, former… Read more »

September 02, 2011

Unity Named Among the Best by Washington Monthly

Academics, community service, sustainability and the environment are important to every Unity College student.  Though nestled in Unity, Maine, an ideal location for an environmentally focused college but not a frequent destination for members of the national media, the exceptional curriculum, mission, and qualities of the College have nevertheless been recognized in some impressive places. For… Read more »

September 01, 2011

Unity College Students Care …

Community service is an important aspect of life at Unity College.  From student life programs to benefit the Unity area to academic internships, Unity students express their values with sweat equity. This Village Soup article highlights the importance of volunteerism and mentions that Unity College will be partnering with Troy Elementary School for big brother,… Read more »

August 23, 2011

Unity College Announces $10 Million Gift

Unity College announced a gift of $10 million for unrestricted endowment from an anonymous donor today.  The gift is unprecedented in the small college’s 45-year history and will more than triple its existing endowment. Endowment gifts are really investments in the college’s future noted new president Dr. Stephen Mulkey who announced the gift as part of… Read more »

February 14, 2011

Unity College President Stephen Mulkey Joins National “Save Student Aid” Movement

Unity College President Stephen Mulkey has joined a movement designed to highlight the importance of student financial aid and spare it from cuts at the federal level. Efforts are underway at Unity College and nationally through the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) to raise awareness about the potential for cuts to student… Read more »

January 01, 1970


January 01, 1970

Manifesto for