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Form and Function of Unique Marine Ecosystems



This course is an examination into the structure and dynamics of various saltwater ecosystems, and builds from basic ecological principles sustaining marine life. Issues covered include an exploration of habitats ranging from estuaries to the rocky intertidal zone and coral reefs to the open ocean. Major ecological communities will be studied, with a particular focus on those supported by kelp and plankton, and include an exploration into unique marine environments such as the deep sea. Additional topics include tropic interactions, energy flow, and community and population organization in select marine habitats. Students will explore the ecological processes controlling the distribution and abundance of marine organisms and community structure, and examine the impact of humans on the marine environment.
Pre Reqs:
BI 2004 Population and Comm. Ecology Lab
BIOL 203 Ecological Principles: Applications to Conservation


Jul 15, 2024 — Aug 18, 2024

Aug 26, 2024 — Sep 18, 2024

Oct 7, 2024 — Nov 10, 2024

Nov 18, 2024 — Dec 22, 2024

Jan 13, 2025 — Feb 16, 2025

Feb 24, 2025 — Mar 30, 2025

Apr 7, 2025 — May 11, 2025

May 19, 2025 — Jun 22, 2025


Distance Education - Online

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