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uAchieve Degree Audit

Welcome to uAchieve, our degree audit system for Unity Environmental University Distance Education students. With it, you can: 

  • Check your progress toward your degree. The degree audit lets you view courses that you have taken, your current GPA, and what you are scheduled to take to complete your degree on time.
  • Explore “what if” scenarios such as “What if I want to change my degree? How long will it take for me to finish and what courses have I already taken that will count?”
  • Make plans. See if courses you are interested in taking count towards your degree.
  • Have deeper conversations with your Advisor about any changes you need to make and view how that will impact your academic path. 

This tool is now available on your student portal. 

How to use Unity Environmental University uAchieve

Login to my.unity portal and choose the uAchieve application:

Nine app logos appear in the login portal's single sign-on home page.

To view degree audit with current program, click “Run Declared Programs:”

Student Audit Request

To run a what-if degree audit, click “Select a Different Program” and choose the information from the dropdown menus:

Once the report is complete, it will show at the top of the audit history. Click “View Audit”

The top of the audit will display a quick snapshot of the degree requirements, including credits completed, in progress (registered), and not yet scheduled: 

Each section of the degree audit lists the required courses to meet it and includes transferred courses:

Audit Info

The Free Electives section at the bottom of the audit is for all courses not explicitly required by the degree plan. These courses still count toward the minimum number of credits required to graduate.

There may be an Unused Courses section at the very bottom of the audit. This area will include repeated and withdrawn coursework. Graduate students will also see any courses that do not fit within their degree program located in this area.

Questions? Contact your Unity Environmental University Advisor.