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Process for Students Requesting ADA Accommodations

While students may request an accommodation(s) any time in their college career, we encourage students and prospective students to do so as early as possible.

Obtaining accommodations through Unity College follows a formal process that must be initiated by the student.  

  1. Potential and current students should contact the ADA Coordinator for their program to discuss the College’s process and the student’s needs.
  2. A student must self-disclose their disability through submitting a Request for Academic Accommodations and/or a Request for Housing Accommodations along with the Health Care Practitioner Form with the appropriate diagnostic information.
    • Housing accommodations are for students in the residential portion of the Hybrid Learning programs.
    • Students may also submit recent academic documentation, such as an IEP or 504 Plan, to provide the Coordinator with context for past accommodations. However, accommodations in college may differ from those allowed in high school.
  3. ADA Coordinators will determine student eligibility for accommodations once all required documentation has been received. Eligibility is determined through a review of the Health Care Practitioner Form completed by a qualified professional.
  4. The ADA Coordinator will engage in an interactive dialogue with the student to discuss reasonable accommodations.
  5. Students will be notified in writing of approved accommodations.
  6. Accommodations do not go into effect until the review process has been completed, a determination of a reasonable accommodations has been made and formalized with a signed Notification of Accommodations. Accommodations cannot be applied retroactively.

All inquiries and information are kept strictly confidential and shared only on a need-to-know basis. 

Distance Education Students

To request academic accommodations:

Doreen Rogan
ADA Coordinator for Distance Education
Unity Environmental University Distance Education
Phone: 207-509-7290
Fax: 207-512-1009

Hybrid Learning Students

To request academic and/or housing accommodations:

ADA Coordinator for HL
Unity Environmental University Hybrid Learning
Phone: 207-509-7240

Technical Institute for Environmental Professions

For more information on accommodations for courses at the Technical Institute, visit their webpage information or contact:

Technical Institute for Environmental Professions
Phone: 207-509-7119

Last Updated on February 29, 2024