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Unity College Hybrid Learning Announces Launch of New Natural Resources Conservation and Management Program

December 15, 2022

New Baccalaureate Program Expands on Hybrid Learning Offerings

Unity College Hybrid Learning announces the launch of a new B.S. in Natural Resources Conservation & Management.

This new immersive program prepares students for careers such as Environmental Consulting and Land Use Management. These are career tracks that Unity College Hybrid Learning has identified as in demand with continued growth in coming years.

To prepare to fill these roles, our students will practice skills such as plant identification, soil evaluation, and wetland delineation.

“For instance, in the Wetlands course sequence, students spend half their time identifying plants, studying soil profiles, measuring water levels, and collecting other data in local wetland sites. My goal is for students to leave their courses with the practical field and reporting skills they need to succeed, said Assistant Professor of Plant Biology Dr. Katherine Crowley.

Graduates will also contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources as land trust directors, park managers, community partners, and more.

Natural Resources Conservation and Management is a dynamic field that combines many disciplines, including wildlife and plant biology, geology, and law and policy, to understand how competing priorities are managed on a project-by-project basis.

“Hybrid Learning is excited to launch this timely degree. Our students will develop the in-demand skills used by professionals in the field, such as land use mapping, wetland assessments, ecological restoration, soil classification, and invasive species control.  This degree prepares students for well-paying careers that make a real difference,” said Vice President of Hybrid Learning Zachary Falcon.

The Unity College Hybrid Learning Advantage

Unity College Hybrid learning uses the Maine landscape as its laboratory, and experienced faculty work side-by-side with students as they practice with the same equipment used by professionals in the field. At Unity College, you are not forced into a rigid semester model. Students choose when and how they learn.

“One of the wonderful things about Unity College Hybrid Learning is that we are not asking students to put their entire lives on hold to get this or any other degree. Our flexibility allows students to choose when they want to live and learn in residence or when they want to take advantage of our world-class remote and online offerings,” said Professor Douglas Fox.

“While some institutions may look to other colleges for programmatic inspiration – Unity prides itself in identifying unique and exciting degree paths for our students using the best data available. As America’s Environmental College, we do not have time to wait for somebody else to come up with the next great idea. Our faculty and staff are training the environmental leaders of tomorrow, and it is our duty to ensure we are providing degrees that lead to lifelong careers.” said Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury.

You can find more information on Unity College Hybrid Learning’s Natural Resources Conservation & Management degree page.