For those with a desire to do good throughout their career, working to make the planet a better place is a good start. Environmental projects, whether they are large or small, can have amazing effects that ripple outward. They contribute to a healthier global environment not only for us, but for everything that grows, crawls, flies, and swims.

Wondering what kinds of meaningful eco careers are out there? Here are a few possibilities you can pursue after environmental training.

Become a Community Organizer after Earning Your M.S. in Sustainability

Problems like global climate change and pollution are caused by the actions of many people, and so it is fitting that they could be corrected by the actions of many people, too. To help bring about this collective change, some motivated individuals are taking on important work as community organizers.

Community organizers can help motivate people to band together and take necessary action to combat environmental issues, both in their community and beyond. Examples of measures that community organizers might advocate for include greater energy efficiency on municipal properties, or eliminating the release of toxic waste into the surrounding area. With enough hard work, a dedicated organizer can get the people of their communities excited and motivated to become more sustainable for themselves and the world.

Completing a Master of Sustainability can teach you important skills needed to succeed as a community organizer. You can learn to communicate important environmentalist concepts to a wide variety of people, how to use social marketing to lead change, and much more. It’s excellent preparation for life at the head of sustainability movements.

Sustainability Degrees are Excellent Qualifications for Non-Profit Directors

Non-profit organizations are like companies, but which typically work for the common good instead of for profit. Environmental non-profits often complete work including advocacy, government lobbying, and taking direct action to clean up the world and protect vulnerable ecosystems. Many highly influential environmental groups fall into the non-profit category, including notables like Greenpeace, The Sierra Club, and The Humane Society.

Environmental non-profits are often expected to be sources of both sustainable action and environmental science expertise. For this reason, it is important for individuals looking to make their mark in this domain to have a skill-set that includes both an aptitude for communication and a mastery of the hard sciences of sustainability.

Attending a top environmental school like Unity College can help would-be non-profit directors develop these transdisciplinary skills. Instruction by world leading academics can help students explore many important concepts in quantitative analysis of environmental issues, the scientific dynamics of climate change, and many other important scientific concerns. It’s a well-rounded education that can lead to immense career opportunity later on.

An M.S. in Sustainability Can Help You Become a Green Project Manager

It’s no secret that businesses are responsible for much of the world’s pollution and wastefulness. For the world to prevent and reverse the damaging effects of climate change, it will therefore be necessary for private sector organizations to make investments in greater sustainability. However, it can sometimes be difficult for untrained executives to know how to start cleaning up an organization without negatively affecting their balance sheet. In these instances, measures like cutting energy usage or resource waste can be a difficult challenge for businesses to undertake.

Professionals with an M.S. in Sustainability are often able to help in these situations by serving as sustainable project managers. Education through a program that includes insight into organizational, strategic, and human issues in business can allow these professionals to develop highly effective green initiatives. Tailored to the specific strengths and weaknesses of a business, these plans can help innovative organizations preserve profits while reducing their negative impact on the world. In a modern capitalist society that is quickly realizing the benefits of sustainable business, being able to work as a green project manager is a way to quickly confront some of our biggest environmental problems.

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