In the 21st century, governments, businesses, and nonprofits will turn to highly educated professionals to address climate issues like natural disasters, the biodiversity crisis, and freshwater scarcity. These issues will shape the next generation of green jobs, and they’ll demand the kinds of environmental skills that Unity’s grads are known for.

Great opportunity lies in finding answers to environmental issues. Future workers who have a background in essential environmental skills will find many rewarding and challenging green sector jobs.

The Brookings Institute expects 20 green million jobs to be created worldwide as industries like agriculture, forestry, fishery, tourism, and water management adopt environmental innovations. The good news is these industries stand to make significant sustainability gains by adopting green practices, and millions will find meaningful work overseeing the change.

STEM Skills

Renewable energy projects, water treatment programs, and wildlife conservation all rely heavily on STEM skills. From the scientists designing complex systems to the end-users who operate green tech, mastering concepts in science, technology, engineering, and math will be required to build a sustainable and robust economy. That’s why Unity’s distance education offerings have a strong emphasis on building technical skills.

Unity’s Online Bachelor’s in Environmental Studies gives students a foundation in systems thinking, data analysis, and transdisciplinary thinking. This preparation equips students to land green careers that require STEM expertise such as environmental managers, sustainability coordinators, or environmental consultants.

Jobs that require STEM skills are expected to grow by 13 percent, or faster than average, and offer wages that average more than double the median earnings for the average U.S. worker.

Unity’s Online Master’s in Environmental Geographic Information Science trains you in the latest environmental science and spatial reasoning skills. These are the kinds of STEM skills that are building a sustainable economy.

Greening the economy will usher in a new era of environmental jobs. Be ready by having the green skills that will be in demand.

Green Leadership Skills

Sustainability can be a complex topic. Organizations are going to need strong leaders who can understand this complexity and help design and implement green initiatives.

Britain’s Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills has issued reports calling for more professionals who can educate businesses, governments, and communities in green skills. The North American Association for Environmental Education has published similar calls to action, writing that education is critical to creating a sustainable future.

Students who can raise awareness and build an understanding of the green economy will stand out as 21st-century sustainability leaders. An education from Unity is built on environmental principles. Rigorous coursework taught by expert faculty gives our graduates a command of current sustainability topics and trends.

Graduate students in Unity’s Conservation Law Enforcement program build communication, legal, management, and leadership skills to become competent executive managers who can make a difference within their agencies.

Businesses building the green economy will need leaders who are versed in sustainable business practices. The online Sustainable Master of Business Administration from Unity College gives you the expertise to run a business that considers the environment, society, and the bottom line.

Climate Resilience Skills

The transition to a green economy requires a workforce with the right skills. Businesses and organizations will need skilled workers who can keep things operating smoothly in a changing climate.

The world will need professionals who understand and can interpret climate data and explain how it affects our lives. Employers will look for sustainability experts who can accurately assess risk and mitigate climate impacts. Analysts also predict a new wave of entrepreneurs will find economic opportunity by adapting, reorganizing, and evolving business practices in response to climate change.

Unity’s online degree programs, such as the B.S. in Environmental Studies or the B.S. in Sustainable Business Management, teach students to create solutions that lead to climate resilience.

To achieve tomorrow’s sustainability goals, the world will need highly trained workers. A quality education from a trusted school like Unity College will help you develop the breadth of skills necessary to succeed in the green economy.