With the generous support of the President’s and VPAA’s offices and the Faculty Professional Development Committee, Unity College is offering a field trip to the National Council for Science and Environment’s 13th annual conference on Disasters and Environment.

The conference takes place in Washington, DC January 15 to 17, 2013, and there is room for up to six students.

Every year, the National Council for Science and Environment (NCSE) holds a national conference. These conferences are very hands-on, encouraging students to be participants, not mere audience members. At NCSE conferences, students are given the opportunity to present, to express ideas and influence the final proceedings, which are widely circulated to policymakers and scientists around the country.

Why would students want to go to this conference? Because they are serious students of environmental issues and concerns.

Routinely, Unity provides one of the largest and most visible undergraduate student delegations. When combined with obvious high academic ability, this type of visibility improves the value of each student’s degree by re-enforcing that Unity College is a place for students to engage in academic programs in order to find intelligent solutions to difficult 21st-century environmental problems.

The National Council for Science and Environment is a non-profit environmental organization representing scientists and students of the environment in Washington, DC. The organization advises the federal government and engages in lobbying and advocacy work for science solutions to environmental problems. Unity College is an affiliate organization, and a regular participant in several NCSE activities including programs in curriculum design for climate and sustainability, as well as a program of support for college leaders in climate and sustainability education (CEDD).

Tuesday, October 30, 2012