With an emphasis on real world experiences and skill acquisition, Unity’s Centers for Academic Excellence are ensuring that each student develop the skills that will make them environmental leaders and prepare them for careers or advanced degrees. Our collaborative environmental problem solving approach is called sustainability science.

Tim Godaire ’12, an environmental analysis major and human ecology minor from Chaplin, Connecticut, is pursuing graduate studies at the University of Maine with a research assistantship at that school’s Climate Change Institute.

Kelly Barber ’12, an environmental analysis and ecology double major from Harleysville, Pennsylvania, with diploma in hand, left Maine for Alaska for an internship doing water quality monitoring with Cook Inletkeeper.

Barber and Godaire are but two recent graduates who gained a head start on their dreams for the future thanks to the depth and breadth of hands-on, mind engaging learning opportunities made possible by the focus Unity’s centers place on educating students to mean the environmental challenges of the 21st Century head-on.

At Unity, there is a strong belief that learning happens most powerfully when effective people are deeply involved with the natural world, their communities, and each other.

Every class is an opportunity to gain new skills that open doors to greater understanding, and with that understanding comes proficiency, confidence and achievement.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012