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the image shows students climbing a glacier with the text "Sustainability Principles" overlaying it.

Sustainability Principles

Sustainability Science Framework

  • Sustainability science studies and addresses systems at the intersection of economy, society, and nature.
  • Sustainability science is problem-based and solution-oriented.
  • Sustainability science applies new ways of thinking and working together.

Learning Principles

  • Integrative : We provide trans-disciplinary learning experiences for our students.
  • Systems-Focused : We prepare students to understand and protect natural systems.
  • Applied Solutions : We ask students to take on real challenges and applied solutions.
  • Inclusive : We ask students to employ diverse ways of thinking and respect diverse values.
  • Measurable : We measure student contributions to a sustainable society.

Institutional Principles

  • Integrative : We realize institutional goals using decisions that balance financial, social, and environmental values.
  • Systems-Focused : Our operations promote the regeneration of our environment.
  • Applied Solutions : Our campus models sustainable solutions to institutional challenges.
  • Inclusive : Our institutional processes promote diversity and inclusion, inviting ideas from across and beyond the organization.
  • Measurable : We measure institutional contributions to a sustainable society.