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Health and Wellness Coordinator

What is a Health and Wellness Coordinator? 

Fitness and wellness coordinators are responsible for providing a wide range of health-related programs and services. They may work in health centers, in companies with wellness programs, or in private practice. They work to ensure health and wellness programs meet their clients’ needs. 

What does a Health and Wellness Coordinator do? 

Health and Wellness Coordinators develop and lead programs, monitor staff and provide training for individual clients or groups. They must have computer skills, people skills, customer service skills, supervisory skills, organizational skills, teaching skills, and problem-solving skills. They may provide wellness activities involving nature, such as hiking and walking.

Health and Wellness Coordinator Career Fast Facts: 

Education Requirementsbachelor’s degree 
Recommended Degree ProgramB.S. in Environmental Health and Wellness
Median Salary (2020*)$51,182 (director, fitness and wellness)
Projected growth rate (10 year)8% (education administrators, all other)
Sources: *; **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics