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B.S. Environmental Health and Wellness

Bachelor of Science

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Environmental Wellness

Healthy Lifestyles

Are you interested in helping people live a more healthy lifestyle? Do you want to be a part of a growing number of professionals leading the way in wellness program development? Do you believe a healthy planet is essential for achieving individual wellness? Unity College’s B.S. in Environmental Health and Wellness provides a uniquely environmental focus for those seeking careers in helping people and the planet.   

Employers are implementing wellness and sustainability initiatives and need qualified professionals with the necessary training to lead successful wellness programs that result in healthier (and happier) people.

The B.S. in Environmental Health and Wellness teaches key skills and concepts such as fundamental knowledge of human health, behavior change, and healthcare benefits, as well as foundational understanding of larger environmental issues that impact our health. Leave with the skills necessary to design wellness programs for communities, businesses, non-profits, and government agencies.    

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Median salary for health and wellness directors nationally


Projected 10 year growth for health and wellness coordinator positions


Number of Health Educators and Community Health Workers in the U.S., 2018

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unity College cannot guarantee employment. Salary data represents averaged earnings for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience.

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Environmental health and wellness sample courses

  • EVHW 205 Health Literacy for Managers

    This course provides health professional leaders with the tools to transform health and wellness delivery at the workplace. Students will learn about ways to improve workplace happiness through health care literacy and wellness quality for employees.

  • EVHW 310 Mind, Body, Soul, Planet: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection for Long-Term Health

    This course will help students understand what contributes to emotional, physical and spiritual well-being through awareness of the mind-body connection. Students will study the mind-body connection, the stress response, brain training techniques, plus the important roles of nature and positive psychology to understand whole-body health.

    Students will explore different techniques that support whole body health such as yoga, reiki, and meditation, along with understanding the role of diet, nature, exercise, relationships, and stress play.

  • EVHW 410 Worksite Health Environment and Management

    In this course, students analyze the principles of developing a successful worksite wellness program. This course introduces key concepts, strategies, resources, and tools. Students will learn about worksite wellness, collaborating with management and other stakeholders, creating wellness teams, collecting data, developing a strategic plan, creating incentives, creating budgets, understanding legal issues, and creating supportive environments.

  • EVHW 305 Employee Benefits for Wellness

    This course focuses on policy and politics about America’s healthcare’s system, closely examining access, cost and quality. Students will learn about the roles of patients, physicians, hospitals, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies. The interaction between the government and these different groups will also be covered. The course will cover national health care policy initiatives. The course will develop students’ critical and analytical skills about the U.S. healthcare system and the people affected by it.

Degree requirements and courses

The environmental health and wellness degree requires 120 credits. You may transfer in up to 90 credits from outside institutions. For more requirements, browse our degree checklist. View our full course catalog for a better look into your program. Then apply online for free to get started.

Environmental Health and Wellness

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Last Updated on June 17, 2022