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Groundbreaking Unity College Partnership Brings Increased Extended Reality Access

March 16, 2021

Unity College partners with MetaVRse to launch its non-degree micro-courses

Unity College’s Path Forward is at the forefront of creating new ways for students to gain valuable skills in an accessible, flexible, and affordable way. Now, a partnership with MetaVRse is helping to double down on that promise by allowing students to learn cutting edge XR and 3D design and development technology, anywhere, anytime, as part of the school’s new non-degree micro-course program which will include skills in environmental and sustainability fields.

Unity’s non-degree course offerings are designed for those interested in learning a distinct skill or tool, at a much lower cost than a college degree. Participants receive digital badges certified by Credly, which can be added to their LinkedIn profile, and resume as proof of their acquired competence.

The MetaVRse Engine is a fully web-based design and development tool. Create immersive 3D-augmented, and mixed reality (XR) experiences, and deploy them across multiple operating systems, browsers, and devices with little or no code. It’s as simple and easy as making a slide deck. Now, MetaVRse and Unity College are teaming up to help make anyone a creator.

MetaVRse 3D Studio
MetaVRse 3D Studio

Through this new partnership, learners will become proficient in using MetaVRse, progressing from “users” to “professionals” in just four Micro-Courses. The first course, MetaVRse User, will be offered for free, followed by MetaVRse Certified Creator.

Partnering with MetaVRse was a natural step forward as Unity College leans into sustainable future technologies. “Unity College has already invested and incorporated virtual and extended reality into the fabric of our curriculum. MetaVRse will help us expand our reach into the virtual world. Combining MetaVRse’s need for a way to train new users in their tool with Unity’s ability to deliver quality online learning was a natural fit.” said Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, President of Unity College.

“The world has been hyper-accelerated into the digital era and content creation has become one of the most important ways to get your message across. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (XR) are poised to be a $1 trillion market within the next decade. MetaVRse is proud to partner with one of the most innovative colleges in the world, Unity College. Not only is their curriculum cutting-edge, but their focus on helping the environment through learning is truly inspirational. I hope this partnership unlocks the power of XR for everyone and puts the ability of the spatial web into the hands of millions of creators,” said MetaVRse co-founder Alan Smithson.

For Unity College, MetaVRse is just the beginning, as more collaboration means more opportunity for our students. “We are committed to growing our partnerships as a means of delivering a more extensive learning experience focused on educational equity in the environmental career space.” said Douglass Studdiford, Director of Distance Education Partnership at Unity College. “Whether it is providing specific training for a company’s existing employees, upskilling to fit new job requirements, or in the case of MetaVRse creating micro-courses that provide certified industry standards for content developers, Unity College can make it happen.”

Micro-courses will be offered online at at the end of March. For more information about Unity College courses, digital badges and partnerships, contact Douglass Studdiford at Visit for more information.