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What Does a Supply Chain Operations Manager Do?

Are you interested in the hemp industry? Are you intrigued by the business aspects of it and how to make a profit? Do you enjoy thinking about all the logistics that must happen to make a business successful? 

The hemp industry is offering new and exciting opportunities. The bottom line is very important for every business. Keeping costs down can often be the difference in turning a profit or not. The Supply Chain Operations manager handles the supply chain and logistics to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. They have a profound effect on the viability of the company. 

If a Supply Chain Operations Manager sounds interesting to you, check out Unity College’s B.S. in Sustainable Business Management Hemp Industry and Science.

Logisticians or Supply Chain Manager Fast Facts

Recommended Education 4-Year Bachelor’s Degree
Median Salary (2019) $74,750 per year
Workers Employed in U.S. (2018) 174,900
Projected Job Openings by 2028 8,400
Projected Growth Rate 5% (as fast as average)

Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

Degree Programs

Degree programs

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