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Reshaping how you imagine, design, and experience education in the workplace.

Partner with us to solve your business challenges through innovative technologies and create a culture of learning. Review our range of learning solutions below to get started.

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Unity Workplace Learning

Why Work with Us?

Unity Workplace Learning understands that training and development is a long-term investment in a vibrant economic future with innovative learning experiences necessary to meet the demands of today’s workforce. At Unity, we have been providing a high-quality, solution driven, environmental education for nearly 60 years. It is what we do best. As a multifaceted organization recognized as a thought leader in global ecological, economic, and societal solutions, we offer a purpose-led approach to professional development. Create a culture of learning with one of our existing courses, or we can collaborate to deliver customized solutions designed to meet your organization’s unique needs.

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How We Work

Driven by research and data, our dedicated design team offers a personalized approach to creating solutions that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to your employees while recognizing the need for affordable, accessible, and value-oriented results. Leveraging emerging technologies, this agile approach allows for customized solutions based on audience and learning style, providing the right learning, at the right time, in the right format. Modalities include in-person, online, synchronous, asynchronous, or a blended hybrid approach to fit a busy workplace schedule.

World-Class Expertly Produced Content

puffin on a rock
Blue Economy & Wildlife Conservation
melting glacier
Climate Change, Environment, and the Planet
plants held in the hands of four individuals
Supply Chain and the Circular Economy
group of people walking with a bike
People, Communities, and Sustainable Cities
wind turbines across hills
Renewable Energy and Natural Resource Management
food distributed
Environmental Social Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility

Explore Our Flexible Solutions

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Curated Learning

Add value across your organization with immersive learning experiences configured to address your specific needs.

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Expert Content

Unlock your employees’ potential while expanding their skills and knowledge with a portfolio of turn-key courses.

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Empower employees and verify skills through competencies and demonstrate mastery with badges and  digital credentials.

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Provide the fundamentals, build engagement, and familiarize employees and/or clients with your company’s learning culture.

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Bootcamps & Workshops

Encourage collaboration and inspire your employees with engaging, interactive team-based learning experiences.

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Executive Education

Develop strategic leaders who leverage data to make more effective business decisions to drive transformation.

Partnerships Profiles

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SeaChange Resources and The Jackson Laboratory

Executive education and digital badge developed for upskilling the Jackson Laboratory managers. SeaChange Resources connected with Unity to provide educational expertise and technology resources in creating a leadership skills course.

turtle in the ocean

Ocean Conservancy

Micro-course plus digital badge used internally for professional development and on-boarding. The Ocean Justice course educates employees on climate change and its impact on marginalized groups.

woman wearing virtual reality goggles

LBX Immersive and REEX

Virtual reality and mixed reality solutions built for business partners of LBX Immersive in LATAM markets. Unity Workplace Learning designed and developed weekend bootcamps to be facilitated by REEX to explain the fundamentals of effective extended reality applications.

Partner With Unity Workplace Learning

Each partnership is unique. We work with organizations on curated content to meet their ever-changing workplace needs, saving you time and money with enterprise services, educational expertise, and access to state-of-the-art learning technology.

Take the first step today. Fill out the form in the link below and a member of our team will be in touch.