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Category: Uncategorized

November 23, 2019

Danni Washington to deliver Unity College commencement address

Danni Washington, a correspondent on the nationally syndicated CBS series “Mission Unstoppable,” and founder of the nonprofit Big Blue & You, has made it her personal and professional mission to inspire the next generation to connect with the natural world. On May 9, Washington will get to share her passion face-to-face with roughly 200 Unity College Flagship and Distance Education graduates —… Read more »

Unity College - Georgia Male

February 08, 2019

Georgia Male ’17

Graduation Year: 2017 What City/ State are you from? Old Lyme, CT Current Career Title: Farm Manager, Camp Program Director, Head Teacher Business/ Organization you work for: Bushy Hill Nature Center What was your Major? Captive Wildlife Care and Education What was your favorite thing about your time at Unity College? Did you have a… Read more »

group of students hiking through ferns and trees

August 13, 2018

Environmental Studies vs. Environmental Science: What is the Difference?

Students entering into environmental fields of study are united by a shared passion. They are deeply concerned about the fate of our planet, its natural resources, and its inhabitants. But even more importantly, they share the drive to do meaningful work that impacts the future of our planet in powerful ways. This often means getting… Read more »

Woman telling secret

August 06, 2018

10 Best Kept Secrets About Unity College

Unity College has become a leader in environmental education since its establishment more than 50 years ago. For those who aren’t familiar with Unity, here are the 10 best kept secrets of the college. Sustainability Unity College is the first in the nation to center its curriculum on sustainable science. All 17 environmentally focused majors… Read more »

Woman using computer

July 30, 2018

Contemplating Professional Master’s Programs? What They Don’t Share About Earning Potential

Many students and seasoned professionals consider the option of pursuing a master’s degree. The degrees carry a variety of benefits that include a higher earning potential and more opportunities within companies. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 88% of Americans have a high school diploma and 33% have a bachelor’s degree while 12% hold a… Read more »

Two cogs together one labelled right, one labelled wrong

July 23, 2018

Why Companies Want to Know What You Learned in Your Business Ethics Course

Business ethics has become an important component to businesses. Prospective employers like talking about business ethics, and many appreciate and encourage courses in the subject. Ethics is a branch of philosophical thinking that studies all aspects of human behavior; it specifically reflects on what is right and wrong. Business ethics courses study the ethical and… Read more »

Man at bottom of mountain checking electronic device

June 11, 2018

Using Your GIS Degree to Launch into a New Career

A degree in Geographic Information Science, or GIS degree, can lead to the beginning of a rewarding career for recent graduates and to a new career for seasoned professionals. GIS is a system that is designed to capture, retain, study, manipulate, manage, and present spatial and geographic data. Though the type and format vary, the… Read more »

Corporate Social Responsibility written on chalkboard

May 28, 2018

4 Reasons Recruiters Love to See Your Corporate Social Responsibility Courses

In recent years, an increasing number of companies have placed a higher value on the importance of social responsibility. By definition, corporate social responsibility is the way a company takes responsibility for its impact on both the environment and the community. When searching for potential employees, recruiters are noticing the mention of corporate social responsibility… Read more »

April 09, 2018

The Modern Smokey Bear: Today’s Environmental Conservation Officer

What do you picture when you think of conservation in the Smokey Bear era? Was it preventing forest fires and stopping poachers? While these are still important responsibilities of modern environmental conservation officers, the scope of this vital career has grown considerably since Smokey first appeared in the 1940s. At the time, Smokey Bear’s urgent… Read more »

Military mom holding child

February 27, 2017

Understanding Spatial Patterns in Landscape Ecology in a Natural Resource Management Master’s

In landscape ecology, spatial patterns refer to how we define the arrangement, structure, and placement of objects within any given landscape. This can include anything from patches of forestry, to river banks, to the landscape of man-made settlements like towns. Each of these environments is arranged in a pattern that can tell us a lot… Read more »

Before and after climate change

February 16, 2017

A Brief History of Climate Change for Professional Science Master’s Students

Our planet is no stranger to change, experiencing everything from fiery infernos to ice ages on its way to today’s relatively happy medium. Throughout geological history, the planet has had repeated cycles of heating and cooling. However, as humans have multiplied across the planet and become increasingly addicted to the burning of fossil fuels in… Read more »

Young female enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

January 19, 2017

Earn a Masters in Environmental Management from a Visionary Sustainability College

In this era of human history, as we face critical environmental issues demanding profound transformations of our society, there is an urgent need for visionary leaders capable of manifesting meaningful solutions. The evidence of climate change and environmental destruction reaching unprecedented levels is increasingly prominent in the world around us, including a long streak of… Read more »