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Pineland Farm At Unity Environmental University

Unity Environmental University Announces Largest Ever Incoming Class After Embracing Innovative Model

University On Track to Exceed 10,000 Fulltime Students By 2025

Over the past five years, Unity Environmental University has proactively embraced the transformative potential of low-residency and place-bound education, leading to remarkable success and a significant surge in student enrollment. Currently, the university proudly hosts over 7,500 full-time students, an exceptional increase from the historical average of 600. This summer, the University is also welcoming about 1,000 new full-time students – the institution’s largest-ever incoming class. This impressive growth is a testament to the University’s dedication to providing accessible, flexible, and affordable education opportunities, which align with the preferences of today’s students.

As we lean into our strategic plan, Unity Environmental University will extend its low-residency programming throughout the state of Maine, providing students with even greater access to innovative learning experiences and locations. Through collaborations with esteemed institutions like Pineland Farms in New Gloucester and Sky Lodge in the Jackman Region, Unity Environmental University creates immersive and engaging environments where students can deepen their understanding of environmental sciences. These strategic partnerships highlight the university’s dedication to offering diverse and dynamic educational opportunities

President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury expressed enthusiasm about Unity Environmental University’s forward-thinking decision, stating, “Unity remains dedicated to delivering an exceptional education that meets the needs of modern environmental learners. By capitalizing on our successful low-residency and online programs, we are taking a bold step to shape the future of environmental education. This will enable us to continue providing high-quality educational experiences to our students while extending our reach here in Maine and across the nation.” 

Unity Environmental University’s commitment to excellence and innovation has propelled the institution to unprecedented heights, attracting more students than ever before to our online and low residency programs. At this time, we are also diligently analyzing all options at our underutilized 90 Quaker Hill property. Whether it’s leasing space, selling that property, or continuing to explore alternative uses as we seamlessly continue our transition to offering more low residency programs that are specifically designed to maximize experiential learning in dedicated environments. 

Our talented faculty and staff are currently working on a 36-month calendar that will allow our students to choose even more in-person learning in multiple locations, and our current on-campus students will continue their educational journey uninterrupted with classes for this fall already scheduled. With this exciting new chapter in Unity Environmental University’s history, the institution looks forward to expanding its reach, fostering collaborations, and empowering students to create positive change in their communities and the world at large.

To support this expansion and the growing demand for environmental-based education, the University has also launched two brand new programs, the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Agroforestry and the Master of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience. These degrees are in addition to the three programs launched by Distance Education, and another Hybrid Learning earlier this year.

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