While Unity College’s roots were planted at 90 Quaker Hill Road in Unity, Maine more than 50 years ago, its campus has since grown, adding new sites in Thorndike, Moose River, and Portland. Through Distance Education, the College has gone borderless, delivering its sustainability-centered curriculum to learners anywhere in the world. 

Since its inception in 2016, Unity College’s Distance Education is growing faster than anticipated and serving new audiences. As Distance Education continues to develop, there has been an increased need for staff and faculty, and in turn, an increased need for a new DE space. In November, Unity College’s Distance Education team completed their move to Pineland Farms, located on 5,000 acres in New Gloucester, Maine, embedding Unity College into a vibrant sustainable ecosystem, further expanding the College’s footprint in Maine.  

“I have always said that Maine is our classroom, and being welcomed by Pineland Farms is just another step in realizing that vision. We are thrilled to have our Distance Education team in New Gloucester at Pineland Farms,” said Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury. “Much like Unity College, Pineland Farms is dedicated to sustainability, offering its visitors and surrounding community not only one of the most beautiful landscapes Maine has to offer, but a venue that encourages positive educational and recreational opportunities. It’s easy to see why having our Distance Education offices at Pineland is beneficial for us, and a perfect fit.”

It’s also a practical fit, added Dr. Amy Arnett, Vice President of Distance Education at Unity College. Pineland Farms, which is about a half-hour outside Portland, offers easy opportunities to host immersive class experiences, bring in speakers or educators, and quick access to one of the fastest-growing cities for startups in the country. 

“Relocating the Distance Education offices to Pineland Farms enables us to truly stretch our mission and find new audiences,” said Dr. Arnett. “It’s also not that far from Boston, Manchester, some of the other larger populated areas in New England, so we can start to develop connections and partnerships with those people down there.”

“With Distance Education now located in Pineland, we are providing more opportunities for Unity College students to experience even more of Maine,” said Dr. Erika Latty, Unity College’s Chief Learning Officer. “This is Unity College expanding its physical footprint to provide staff, faculty, and students new opportunities for collaboration and expeditions, as well as opportunities we have yet to imagine.”

“This is more than Unity College renting out space, however,” said Dr. Khoury. “By moving into Pineland Farms, we are living our mission. We are supporting a like-minded organization, and in turn, we hope that having us at Pineland Farms will help support their mission and goals. It is quite exciting.”