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Constitution Day

Constitution Day, September 17th

What is Constitution Day?

Constitution Day is an annual celebration of one of the most important documents in the history of the United States – the U.S. Constitution. This day marks the signing of the Constitution on September 17, 1787, and provides an opportunity for us to reflect on the significance of this foundational document and its impact on our nation’s history and governance.

Why Celebrate Constitution Day?

The U.S. Constitution serves as the framework for the country’s government and outlines the fundamental principles and rights of its citizens. Understanding its provisions is essential to being an informed and engaged citizen. Constitution Day reminds us of the values of liberty, equality, and justice upon which the United States was built.

Online Resources:

National Archives – The Constitution of the United States
The official National Archives page provides the full text of the Constitution along with background information on its creation and historical significance.

Constitution Center
Explore the Interactive Constitution, which offers expert analysis and different viewpoints on each clause of the Constitution.

Library of Congress – Constitution Annotated
Delve into the Constitution Annotated, a comprehensive resource that explains the Constitution with relevant Supreme Court interpretations.

Bill of Rights Institute
Discover educational resources, lesson plans, and engaging activities focused on the Bill of Rights and constitutional principles.