Unity College, through its Distance Education offerings, has a lot to celebrate as 2020 kicks off. In 2019 Unity College Distance Education added multiple new degree programs, a Sustainability Business Micro-Credential, moved its home office to Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine, and increased the number of team members. Not resting on its laurels, however, Distance Education is starting the new year on a high note, announcing five more new degree programs to its ever-expanding catalog.

The three new bachelor’s degrees are in Environmental Geospatial Technologies, Environmental Justice and Social Change, and Marine Biology and Sustainable Aquaculture. Two new master’s degrees are offered in Environmental Science, and Urban Ecology and Sustainable Planning

“With these five new programs, we’re continuing the positive trend we’ve seen with Distance Education and reaching new learners from all over the country,” said Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury. “Every time we introduce new Distance Education degrees, we see a positive response in applications, and we know that these specific fields of study are of interest to online learners. Each program, undergirded by the liberal arts and sciences, is designed to provide the necessary skills for students to enter the next phase of their lives, whether they choose to enter the workforce in the green economy or continue their education.” 

“Since October of 2016, Unity College Distance Education has been doubling in growth each year, and that growth has given us the ability — and has actually made it necessary — to expand our curricular offerings,” said Unity College Vice President of Distance Education Dr. Amy Arnett. “Our programs are designed for adult learners who may have families or work full-time, and are unable to attend classes on a physical campus. Within that population, we’ve found that there is a high demand for a degree from America’s Environmental College, and that their interests in sustainability vary greatly. So we continue to make sure they have the resources and courses that best meet their interests.”

Students can apply for the new degree programs now (online.unity.edu).