Students wishing to launch careers in sustainability are increasingly looking towards the ability of organizations to protect the environment and foster social responsibility. But now environmentally conscious individuals will be able to bring sustainable business practices with them — wherever they might go.

Unity College Distance Education’s new Sustainable Master of Business Administration will open pathways for graduates to further the sustainable business movement and make the business case for applicable sustainability innovations in every possible industry.

This is not your typical MBA program — while graduates will gain all the core skills provided by classic MBA programs to be successful in entrepreneurship and business management, every single class in the Sustainable MBA program approaches business through an environmental lens. Courses include titles such as “Accounting and Finance for Sustainable Management,” “Marketing and Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility,” “Quantitative Methods for Sustainable Solutions,” “Ecological Economics,” “Leading Sustainable Change,” “Global Impact of Capital Markets,” and “Strategic Management of Innovation.”

“To be truly effective, sustainable business needs to become business as usual at existing organizations across the world,” Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury said. “This new master’s programming will teach students that environmentally-focused business practices aren’t just compatible to success: they’re essential. It is our duty to revolutionize industries from the inside by educating the next generation of business leaders.”

Many organizations in this environmental century are implementing sustainability measures to engage stakeholders, cut costs, and reduce liabilities, leading to better employee retainment, greater profits, a boosted reputation and positive environmental and social impact. Graduates of the Sustainable MBA program will be prepared for numerous careers in fields such as financial management, city and regional planning, environmental analysis, green marketing and communications, business development and more.

Students will examine the role of the triple bottom line — people, planet, and profit — and combine knowledge of strategic planning, marketing, business development, and financial planning skills with a strong awareness of environmental stewardship.  They will learn to work collaboratively to implement sustainability initiatives, and gain an understanding of tools specific to environmental business practices, such as sustainability reporting, corporate social responsibility, life cycle analysis, cradle-to-cradle design, environmental accounting, and ecological footprint.

“After completing the Sustainable MBA program, students will be knowledgeable in implementing sustainable innovation, working collaboratively in teams with diverse stakeholders, and viewing environmental issues critically to identify business opportunities and solutions,” Chief Distance Education Officer Amy Arnettsaid. “We are honored to be able to offer a degree that aligns so well with our history as a lively, entrepreneurial business entity, and open up a valuable environmental perspective to industries where they are not typically found.”

Sustainable Master of Business Administration students will also benefit from small classes, world-class teachers, and flexible class schedules within five start dates per year. This 14-month, 100% online program consists of twelve 3-credit classes at $850 per credit, and will launch January 2018.