For high school students bound for college, there’s no better feeling than landing a spot at your dream school. But how can a student be absolutely sure of what their dream school truly is? Sure, most schools offer campus tours, but Unity College goes above and beyond to give students who have been accepted a more immersive experience.

Unity College’s Accepted Student Day and Overnight, April 20-21, is an innovative way for students interested in Unity College to gain insight into the school by interacting with faculty and staff, and participating in activities pertaining to their majors before they finalize their decision.

“Unity College is unique in that our education is deeply rooted in experience. Maine is our classroom, and we want to make sure students who are interested in coming here get the full picture of what a Unity College education is,” said Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, Unity College President. “In past years, students have had a great time exploring the campus and learning more about what we offer. It gives them, as well as their parents or guardians, an opportunity to get to know our faculty, staff, and current students, and get a glimpse at what the future may hold for them.”

Unity College has recently been recognized for its novel approach to admissions by University Business for Instant Admissions Day, which occurs every fall. Accepted Student Day is another layer of innovation that ensures students make the choice that best suits their needs.

“We immerse students into our community, and so far we’ve had great success,” said Dr. Khoury. “We see increased interest in events like Accepted Student Day every year, and this year we are anticipating more than 100 prospective students to visit our campus this weekend.”

Those students will also have an opportunity to participate in Unity College’s Earth Day events, explore the campus, engage in hands-on activities related to their major, learn more about living in the residence halls, and eat in the dining hall. Parents and guardians will spend the day in sessions designed specifically for parents and guardians of new Unity College students.

For more information on how to schedule a tour of Unity College and get the full experience, visit