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Bethany Driggs

Chief Human Resources Officer

Beth DriggsExecutive Biography

Unity College Chief Human Resources Officer [CHRO], Bethany Driggs works with the senior leadership team to establish and implement human resources strategy and policies as well as advising the president on matters involving employee recruitment and employment, compensation, benefits, training and development, employee relations, job performance, personnel records, and workplace health, safety and wellness.

Beth has a B.A. in Human Resource (HR) Management from St. Leo University in Florida and has been working in HR since 2000.  Prior to that she served twenty years in the United States Air Force.  She came to Unity in 2016 from Backyard Farms where she was the director of HR, since her arrival she has helped guide the personnel through the changes in institutional structure.  She is passionate about her work and cares for all the people she works with.

Position Summary

Reporting to the President, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is responsible for providing strategic leadership in support of Unity College’s mission and direct oversight of the human resources department.  The scope of the responsibility includes all aspects of talent management, change management, succession planning, organization and performance management, training and development, diversity and inclusion, as well as compensation and benefits.  The CHRO provides strategic leadership by articulating the needs of Unity College, and by providing leadership management and vision necessary to ensure the College has the proper administrative controls, operational and reporting systems, and people systems in place to effectively grow and ensure financial strength and operating efficiently.  The CHRO works with the President and senior leadership to continue to transform Unity College from a college with a strong regional presence to a leading national institution of higher education.  The successful CHRO will provide the institution with grounded creativity through proven strategy, data-based decision-making, and industry-disrupting invention.  The CHRO reports to the President.

Essential Functions

  1. Is the Plan Administrator and primary point of contact, providing oversight to all Unity College benefit plans to include welfare plans such as health, dental and life as well as the 403(b) retirement Plan and worker’s compensation program.
  2. Develops comprehensive strategic recruiting and retention plans to meet the human capital needs of strategic goals.
  3. Develops and implements comprehensive compensation and benefits plans that are competitive and cost-effective for the institution.
  4. Supports the President in the transformation of the institution and culture away from employee sympathetic and toward an institutionally-balanced and institution-centric professional workplace and systematically introduces the same as a part of policy.
  5. Works with the President to steward the Unity College Mission and establish enterprise-wide vision and strategic direction.
  6. Provides centralized planning and policies for enterprise-wide functions.
  7. Manages internal/external controls over decentralized functions.
  8. Provides centralized operational services where appropriate.
  9. Provides coordination and ensures strategic alignment of all Sustainable Educational Business Units (SEBUs) for decentralized functions.
  10. As a member of Unity College’s Senior Leadership team, provides day-to-day leadership and management that adopts the mission and vision of the Institution.
  11. Works with the President to develop plans and strategies to support and obtain the Institution’s operational objectives.
  12. Function as a strategic business advisor to Senior Leadership regarding key organizational and management issues and workforce development.
  13. Establish, maintain and monitor enterprise wide human resource policies, practices and processes to create and reinforce an engaged and productive workforce.
  14. Continually explore and introduce process improvement measures and present suggestions to the President for consideration.
  15. Plan, develop, implement and enforce policies and procedures of the Institution’s administrative functions and performance.
  16. Monitor State and Federal legislation for compliance and appropriate action.
  17. Leads campus culture, diversity, inclusivity, international partnerships and ensures achievement of institutionally established goals for each.
  18. Advocates for institutional diversity, inclusion, and positive culture and community.
  19. Advises, supports and implements the vision of the institution on all areas of diversity.
  20. Works with the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist to prepare and execute a comprehensive diversity, inclusion, and community culture plan that aligns with the Institution’s Strategic Plan which includes a timeline with benchmarks, success metrics, and associated budgets.
  21. Works with the President and Senior Leadership to promote an institutional culture of progress, trust, and commitment to Unity College and its’ mission. Supports the cultivation of relationships, activities, and programs designed to support positive culture change.
  22. Supports the President in fostering an environment of transparency in which all members of the college community may learn, live and work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and nondiscrimination.
  23. The CHRO has the obligation of keeping the President abreast of all current and emerging HR and HIPPA related issues. It is not acceptable to withhold or omit any information from the President.
  24. The CHRO will notify the President prior to reaching out to outside resources for assistance regarding employee related issues.