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Unity College in the News

May 4, 2021

Over the last few weeks, you may have seen Unity College mentioned in more regional and national media outlets.  We are thrilled that the direction of the College, the outcomes for students, and the expertise of our faculty are gaining positive momentum with the media.  This kind of press will help us continue to advance the mission of the College to reach new audiences and expand our reach on a national level.  In doing so, we are more likely to find individuals and organizations who are eager to partner with us to help realize these goals.  

I have mentioned in previous letters that Unity College is a tuition-driven institution with a small endowment that receives very little in the way of annual giving.  By identifying new philanthropic partners, we hope to be able to rely less on tuition in an effort to focus more heavily on truly accessible education for anyone interested in learning from Unity College.  We hope the positive media coverage will continue as we find new ways to offer a Unity College education to an increasingly diverse student population.


From college to the workplace: Maine students fill game warden gap

Students at Unity College are helping to fill open game warden positions, all due to the College’s hybrid learning program that launched right before the pandemic hit.  Five Unity College students have recently been hired to fill eight open Maine Game Warden positions.  Several of these students are still working towards their degree, and are able to pursue this opportunity while taking classes thanks to Unity College’s flexible hybrid model. 

Dr. Pamela MacRae

Warning Issued in Maine Over Invasive Mussels Found in Pet Store Products

Dr. Pamela MacRae, a fish community ecologist and professor of fisheries ecology at Unity College, served as the subject matter expert in this story about aquarium moss balls that were found with invasive zebra mussels in them at central and southern Maine pet stores and other pet stores nationally.

pineland farms

Unity College to launch environmental education program at Pineland Farms

Yahoo News picked up our story announcing the Unity College Technical Institute for Environmental Professions, set to welcome its inaugural class in fall 2021.  The Technical Institute will offer certificates, associates degrees, and continuing education focused on preparing students for careers in areas such as environmental engineering, veterinary technology, and the solar industry.  As the Technical Institute is designed to largely serve working, place-bound adults, it needs to be located near highly populated areas of the state in order to be successful.  Being located at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, ME, provides excellent proximity to Portland and the Lewiston/ Auburn areas. 

Doug Fox

Hannaford Says It’s Eliminated Food Waste From All Its 183 Supermarkets

Doug Fox, a professor of sustainable agriculture at Unity College, was used as a subject matter expert in this piece from NECN, explaining that Hannaford’s system is making a significant impact.  It’s the equivalent of finding an alternative use for 65 million pounds of what otherwise would be organic trash that sends methane into the atmosphere.  Fox also notes that the problem is bigger than any one supermarket chain. Fox’s hope is that Hannaford’s system “encourages customers to do their work at home” and provides a model for people to think creatively about consuming exactly what they need. 

Kristyn Vitale

Does Your Cat Love You? Here’s How You Can Tell, According to Experts

Dr. Kristyn Vitale, a cat researcher and assistant professor in animal health and behavior at Unity College, was named as a subject matter expert in this article on Martha Stewart’s website.  Dr. Vitale has been interviewed in national media outlets several times over the past year for her work related to cat research and behavior.  

As a result of this increased media attention, the number of visits to Unity College’s website have grown exponentially. In March 2021, Unity College’s website had the highest number of visitors in the site’s history with 94,219 unique visitors. To offer a comparison, July 2020 saw 49,210 visitors to the College’s website. This significant increase demonstrates the impact positive media has on reaching new audiences and advancing the mission of Unity College.

As always, please contact us at, with any questions or comments you may have. 

With Pride,

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury