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Animal Shelter Best Practices and Management



Animal shelters strive to balance animal welfare science with practical and realistic expectations that can be achieved to provide a high standard of care for their animals and meet the needs of the public. This course provides recommendations on best practices for animal health and care at animal shelters with an emphasis on facility design, record keeping, population management, sanitation, monitoring health and behavior, handling, euthanasia, spaying and neutering, animal transport, and care procedures that maximize animal welfare. This course is intended to provide students with an understanding of the role of a manager in an animal shelter and practice the interpersonal and management skills required to fill the role of an Animal Shelter Manager.


Oct 23, 2023 — Dec 17, 2023

Jan 8, 2024 — Mar 3, 2024

Mar 11, 2024 — May 5, 2024

Jun 3, 2024 — Jul 28, 2024


Distance Education - Online

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For credit cost: $1950