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Cost & Aid

Paying for your education

Military Rate

At Unity College, we’re here to help you solve the problem of paying for college: 

+ Your Military Benefits
+ Federal Aid
+ Outside Scholarships
= Paying for College

Your education may be 100% covered by your military benefits! Most of our students have all of their education paid for by their military benefits. Find out if you qualify by contacting a Hybrid Learning Recruiter.

Not sure what you qualify for? We can help you determine your benefits eligibility right now! Contact us now!

Undergraduate Degrees

$470 per online credit hour and $550 per in-person credit hour.

Financial Aid

You can afford to get your degree. Let us help you figure out how.

Additional financial aid is available! Our recruiters work with you to determine your aid, using a variety of sources to assist in paying for college. In addition to any benefits you may qualify for, you may be eligible for federally funded grants and loans, as well as private scholarships. Let us help you discover how you can pay for your degree. Contact a recruiter today at or call 1-800-624-1024.

“I am beyond grateful for the help that your recruiter gave me so I could keep pursuing my dream of higher education. When other colleges told me “Sorry, there’s nothing we can do, money problems are your own,” he helped me find a way. So grateful and excited to be at Unity College! “

Chris C.

Ask our recruiter a question now!