Unity College’s recently adopted Strategic Plan, “Building a Beacon,” is comprised of bold goals, one of which is a Net-Zero campus.

“The gift from Darling’s Nissan not only aligns with and advances the college mission, it provides a wonderful service to the community.  Individuals can now find Unity College on the Plugshare map, among many sources, that lists locations of EV Charging stations across the nation” said Dr. Stephen Mulkey, President of Unity College.

Erica Hutchinson, Development Officer at Unity College led the collaborative partnership with Darling’s Nissan and worked with them to receive this wonderful gift,” said Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, Executive Vice President and Liaison to the Board of Trustees for the college.  “Erica saw a need that we had on campus and was diligent in her efforts to advance our Net-Zero initiative,’ stated Khoury.

Darling’s Nissan has a reputation for their history of community involvement and were natural choices for this partnership. They have been a family owned business since 1903, and have grown from very humble beginnings to one of the largest dealerships in the state of Maine. “Their commitment to their customers and the community are the qualities the college looks for when establishing partnerships,” stated Khoury.

“Darling’s is thrilled to be partnering with Unity College as they help to promote sustainable energy programs in Maine and beyond. By helping to build an EV infrastructure, we hope to encourage future growth in electric vehicle technology, bringing us all a little closer to the dream of reliable, renewable, clean energy, said Matt Smith, Marketing Manager at Darling’s Nissan.

The EV Charging station will be located near the Student Activities Center and a formal ribbon cutting ceremony will occur in January after it has been installed.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014