About the Talk

“I Am the Paradigm Shift”: A Grounded Theory of Learners’ Comprehension Experience of Sustainability Outcomes

In recent years, researchers have identified outcomes characteristic to liberal arts programs, and have concluded that there is a lack of understanding of learners’ comprehension of these outcomes, thereby calling for substantive theory that can be used to guide research and development of more effective educational approaches. Chandler will speak about his theory of learners’ comprehension experience of these outcomes, suggesting that this theory should be used to improve existing as well as develop new approaches to education and communication.

A coffee discussion is planned in the Student Center after the talk.

About the Speaker

Ron Chandler is a doctoral candidate at Walden University in Educational Psychology. He has worked in field of environmental science for over 30 years, and most recently has devoted his time to research and teaching in sustainability. Chandler is interested in development and improvement of approaches that cultivate holistic sustainability. Chandler co-founded and is President of Conservation Initiative for the Asian Elephant, Inc., a nonprofit with the aim of working with indigenous groups, local and regional not-for-profit organizations, and other NGOs to design and implement sustainability plans toward improving conditions for elephants, rhinos, and tigers by improving conditions for the people that share their habitats.

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Monday, January 13, 2014