America’s Environmental College reaches the entire country — and beyond — through Distance Education

Unity College has long been known as America’s Environmental College, and this fall, it will continue to live up to that moniker, extending its reach to students throughout the country and the world through its new Distance Education undergraduate programs. These new online programs are designed specifically for students who have already completed some college and are looking to finish their degree.

“For decades now, Unity has been working hard to live up to the environmental commitments implied in calling ourselves ‘America’s Environmental College’,” said Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, Unity College President. “But there’s more to being America’s Environmental College. Unity College is committed to serving all of America — and the world. No matter who. No matter where. Anyone who wants or needs an education from America’s Environmental College should be able to access one. These new undergraduate online programs are a big part of living that commitment.”

The four bachelor’s completion degrees currently offered through Distance Education are:

“These degrees are intentionally designed for adults who may have families or work full-time and might not be able to attend classes in person, or for those who live across the country — or even the globe — and have an interest in earning a Unity College degree,” said Dr. Amy Arnett, Chief Distance Education Officer at Unity College. “Our Distance Education program is created to offer flexibility, so that students can reach their goals at a pace that fits their lifestyle, or even put their education on pause if they need to and pick it back up when they’re ready.”

“This is an opportunity for working adults to earn a degree with Unity’s distinctive sustainability focus,” said Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, Unity College President. “In turn, Unity College’s Distance Education curriculum was designed in partnership with industry leaders who know what skills and abilities employers need right now and in the future, which adds significant value to their degree.”

Because these programs are designed for nontraditional adult learners, all students enrolling in the College’s Distance Education undergraduate programs must be at least 21 years of age and have at least 30 college credits. Students can enroll now to begin taking classes as early as October 22, 2018.

The Distance Education team offers a high-level of support from the time a student inquires about a program all the way through until they graduate and begin their professional careers.

“The idea is that we serve as a one-stop shop for each student,” said Heather Stetkis, Distance Education Concierge at Unity College. “Students have their own Concierge as the primary point of contact for anything they might need including financial aid, course registration, academic support, and career planning.”

Unity College Distance Education offers five terms each year, eight weeks per term, with two terms in the fall, two in the spring, and one in the summer. Admissions are rolling, so a student can start a program at any term. “If you come in at 30 credits, you’ll be able to earn your bachelor’s degree by completing nine credits (three courses) per term, and can finish in two years, if that fits in with their schedule,” said Dr. Arnett. “And with each major, students can easily transition into one of our online graduate programs and earn their master’s degree.”

The College also offers a military differential of 10 percent for all active duty military as well as veterans. For more about Unity College’s online undergraduate opportunities, visit