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Unity College unveils new degrees in its Distance Education portfolio

September 14, 2020


College introduces master’s degrees in Marine Science and Animal Science and Behavior, bachelor’s degrees in Animal Science, Environmental Health and Safety, and Environmental Health and Wellness


Since it first launched in 2016, the growth of Unity College Distance Education has been well documented, recently seeing its largest incoming class ever for Fall Term 1. Not only is Distance Education reaching more students than ever, it has also expanded its offerings, adding new degree programs and certifications each year, and has adjusted tuition to increase accessibility and affordability.

As Distance Education wraps up its 2020 Fall Term 1, Unity College has announced the addition of three new bachelor’s degree options and two new master’s programs. The three new bachelor’s degrees are in Animal Science, Environmental Health and Safety, and Environmental Health and Wellness, as well as new master’s degrees in Marine Science and Animal Science and Behavior.

“As we find new students all over the country who for the first time see that earning a degree from America’s Environmental College is a very real possibility for them, we’re also seeing what they’re interested in learning, and what career paths they most want to take,” said Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury. “Our Distance Education curriculum is also built in a way that we can be more flexible. We can add degree programs with the help of our Instructional Design team, who work with content experts to ensure our courses are giving our students the education and experience they will need to start a new career or take that next step in their current career.”

“One of the other significant advantages of Distance Education is that we can work with faculty and content experts from all over the country, without them needing to relocate,” added Unity College Distance Education Vice President Dr. Amy Arnett. “And our curriculum isn’t what most think of when they hear the phrase ‘online learning’ — it’s experiential. Our faculty and instructional designers build the courses to get students out into their own communities, while we’re also just beginning to leverage the benefits of extended reality, which can bring new experiences and locations to our students that we never thought imaginable.” 

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science can focus on the following tracks: 

  • Equine Science and Management
  • Companion Animal Care and Training
  • Sustainable Livestock Management

Those pursuing a master’s in Marine Science can take tracks in: 

  • Conservation of Marine Predators
  • Coral Reef Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Conservation of Marine Mammals

Those pursuing a master’s in Animal Health and Behavior can take tracks in: 

  • Equine Training, Behavior, and Health 
  • Canine and Feline Training, Behavior, and Health 
  • Emotional Support and Service Animal Training 

Throughout the coming terms in 2020 and 2021, Unity College intends on adding more degree courses and certifications. Students can apply for the new degree programs now at

Note: The Master’s in Animal Health and Behavior is now Animal Science and Behavior and the two tracks offered are Equine Health and Care and Canine and Feline Health and Care.