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Welcome to Unity Environmental University

Things to do while visiting

for commencement

Dear graduates, families, & friends,

Congratulations on this momentous occasion of your graduation! It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the beautiful Town of New Gloucester, Maine, where you will be celebrating commencement in the Mount Washington room at Pineland Farms. As you embark on this new chapter, take a moment to appreciate the stunning views and fun activities that New Gloucester and its surrounding areas have to offer. In addition to the graduation festivities, there are many activities and attractions that you can explore during your visit, including world-class restaurants, historical landmarks, and outdoor recreational activities. Whether you’re here for a day or a week, there is something for everyone. So, sit back, relax, and take a look at all the things you can do during your stay in New Gloucester. Welcome to Unity Environmental University!

With pride,
Dr. Melik Peter Khoury
President, Unity Environmental University

Pineland Farms

A group of people make their way down a snowy trail on cross-country skis.

Whether you’re new to cross-country skiing or a seasoned expert, Pineland Farms offers day passes for participants of all ages. Read through their cross-country skiing page for hours of operation and trail conditions.

The camera looks down at a pair of bright red snowshoes that the person wears under their L.L. Bean boots.

Want to enjoy the snow during a trek through the woods? Pineland has plenty of trails you can explore with snowshoes and fat bikes! For more information about prices and trail conditions, read through their Snowshoeing and Fat Bikes page.

A group of kids and parents stand and ride sleds down a snowy slope.

Looking for a way to play in the snow for free? Check out Pineland’s giant sledding hill! You can bring your own sled or rent one from the Outdoor Center. See the Sledding page for more information.

Two people skate while a child plays hockey on an ice rink illuminated by fairy lights in the dark.

Experience the magic of winter as you enjoy ice skating at Pineland Farms. Though you must bring your own skates, you can skate from sunrise and into the night (until they turn the lights off, that is). See the Ice Skating page for more information.

A disc golf hole with a pink disc sit in the middle of a snowy field.

Ever wanted to play disc golf in the snow? At Pineland, you can explore in the snow and play disc golf on their courses (course restrictions apply). Read through the Disc Golf page for more information.

Four bagels with cheese melted on top since in a wicker basket at the Pineland Market that can't help but make you feel welcome to Unity.

If you get hungry while you’re on campus, we recommend stopping by the Market at Pineland. Experience the best of what Pineland has to offer from a wide selection of local meat, cheese, produce, and more! Learn more about the Market at Pineland.

Need to take at look at the trail conditions around Pineland? Check out their Trail Conditions page to see which activities and trails are open!

Pineland Farms | Indoor Activities | Outdoor Activities | Local Eateries | Places to Stay

Indoor Activities

An old wooden door rests in a stony exterior wall outside a museum.

Discover the wonders of the Arctic at the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum at Bowdoin College. The museum lets you explore all things arctic, from early expeditions to the complex issues of the effects of climate change, loss of Indigenous traditions to resource exploitation. Visit the Arctic Museum today.

Distance from Pineland:
30 minutes

A large brick building with a large rainbow painted on the front of it and large wooden number seven sits on a brick walkway as people walk past.

Explore Portland’s Museum of Art as it becomes a central gathering place that creates an inclusive space to champion “Art is for All.” The museum features works by famous artists, such as Andy Warhol, Louise Nevelson, and Claude Monet. Plan your visit to the Portland Museum of Art today.

Distance from Pineland:
32 minutes

A tour boat floats down the river towards the Maritime Museum's outdoor exhibits on a sunny day.

Find your way into Bath, ME to explore the Maine Maritime Museum. This 20-acre campus features both indoor and outdoor exhibits that let you gain and better understanding and appreciation for the heritage and culture of Maine’s maritime industry.

Distance from Pineland:
39 minutes

The letters M and E with a trident through the E that represents the Maine Mariners hockey logo.

Looking for an event the entire family can enjoy? Catch a Mariner’s hockey game at their home rink in Portland! For a full list of season games, head on over to the Mariner Full Schedule page.

Distance from Pineland:
32 minutes

The word Print appears within the lines of the book logo for the Print: A Bookstore logo.

Need a relaxing place to find more books to add to your TBR list? Look no further than Print: A Bookstore. Located in Portland, this store has plenty to peruse—and you can even request a private shopping appointment.

Distance from Pineland:
30 minutes

Pineland Farms | Indoor Activities | Outdoor Activities | Local Eateries | Places to Stay

Outdoor Activities

A large sculpture of a L.L. Bean rubber tipped rain and snow boot sits in front of the L.L. Bean sign.

Known not only for its brand and the outlets that surround its store, L.L. Bean also has fun winter activities you can do while shopping around Freeport. Experience an outdoor skating rink, Big Snow Globe, famous Model Train Village, heated benches, and more when you check out L.L. Bean’s Northern Lights.

Distance from Pineland:
19 minutes

A person in a red jacket and black helmet and goggles races down a snowy slope.

Looking to get some quality downhill ski time in while you’re here? Then look no further than Lost Valley Ski Lodge. Bring your own gear or rent from the lodge as needed. They also rent snowshoes and Nordic equipment. Book your tickets today!

Distance from Pineland:
31 minutes

A person with a beard, black helmet, goggles, and blue snow jacket laughs during a night ski event.

If you’ve ever wanted to try night skiing in Maine, then Pleasant Mountain is the place to go. Stay in one of their unique lodgings while you’re there to get the most time you can on the slopes. You can bring your own equipment or rent what you need there. Book your stay and tickets for Pleasant Mountain.

Distance from Pineland:
58 minutes

Small children race around a frozen pond on ice skates during the day.

Experience skating outdoors on a pond at Lee Twombly Pond, run by Family Ice Center in Falmouth, ME. The pond uses refrigeration to keep the ice solid for skaters outdoors throughout the season. Learn more about Lee Twombly Pond and how to enjoy skating the pond. Though Family Ice Center does not rent skates, it is free to skate the pond.

Distance from Pineland:
25 minutes

A walkway through the botanical gardens is illuminated by colorful fairy lights as couples walk through the gardens at night during the exhibit.

Explore Maine’s Botanical Gardens in winter during their annual Gardens Aglow celebration. The event features magical paths to explore throughout the gardens lit by over 750,000 LED lights. Book your tickets soon, ticket sales open on September 25th!

Distance from Pineland:
1 hour 12 minutes

Pineland Farms | Indoor Activities | Outdoor Activities | Local Eateries | Places to Stay

Local Eateries

The name of the restaurant "Asmara" in yellow over a bright green background.

Tucked away between Congress St. and Free St. is Asmara, an Eritrean restaurant that serves a plethora or Eritrean dishes on communal platters. Enjoy specialties like alitcha and a spicy chicken stew. Enjoy Asmara while you’re here!

Distance from Pineland:
32 minutes

The Brickyard Hollow sign is lit from above by two warm toned lights in front of the restaurant.

In the mood for pizza and burgers? Brickyard Hollow in Yarmouth is perfect for you. Though there are now multiple locations you can go to across Maine, the Yarmouth restaurant is their original location. Enjoy good food in a modern, rustic vibe at Brickyard Hollow.

Distance from Pineland:
16 minutes

A pair of chopsticks rest on the side of a white bowl that contains a vegan pad Thai serving.

If you’re looking for a place with vegan and vegetarian options, Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro has you covered. Their Thai-inspired food unites with flavors from Japan, Malaysia, China, and India to captivate your taste buds. They also offer multiple gluten-free options as well. Check out their menu!

Distance from Pineland:
33 minutes

A stack of menus stand in a container in front of a bar and colorful fairy lights.

Looking for a place with a bright, lively atmosphere located right in the heart of downtown Portland? Taco Escabarr is a brightly decorated cantina with good food and a fun vibe. If you’re in the mood for tacos, tortas, burritos, and more, Taco Escabarr is the place to go. Check out their menu!

Distance from Pineland:
31 minutes

The word "Eventide" is writeen across a platter of raw oysters on a bed of ice.

Want a taste of top-notch Maine seafood while you’re here? Eventide Oyster Co. is the place to be! Their extensive menu will give you a true taste of Maine. Check out their menu to learn more!

Distance from Pineland:
27 minutes

Pineland Farms | Indoor Activities | Outdoor Activities | Local Eateries | Places to Stay

Places to Stay

A classic farmhouse painted white with a black roof and brick chimney sits in a grassy field on a sunny day.

Located right near campus, Pineland Farms offers guest houses to rent right here in New Gloucester, ME. Enjoy the ease of being close to the ceremony as well as Portland and Freeport during your time with us. Book soon because space is limited.

Distance to Pineland:
2 minutes

Two queen-sized beds with white comforters sit in a dark red room lit by a silver lamp.

If you plan to stay from December 14th to the 16th, Unity has a block of rooms available at the Hilton Garden Inn in Auburn. Students and their families can reserve their rooms when they book now or with the following group code when they call (207) 784-4433, option 1 to book: C-907

Distance from Pineland:
26 minutes

A two-story white house with a black roof sits in a snowy yard in the sunshine.

Located just outside of New Gloucester in Gray, the And. N Bed and Breakfast was originally the home of a prominent doctor before being turned into a charming bed and breakfast. Being conveniently close to campus, book your stay and relax at the And. N B&B.

Distance from Pineland:
9 minutes

A row of khaki colored buildings sit in a grassy lawn in the sunshine.

Looking to stay close to campus and have easy access to skiing and snowmobiling? The Microtel Inn & Suites in Wyndham is a great place to check out. Also located near Sebago Lake, this hotel gives you nearby access to snowy adventures and South Portland. Book today!

Distance from Pineland:
28 minutes

A large white building with a red roof and overpass sits in a parking lot.

Want to stay near the ceremony and near the many things to do in Freeport? Check out the Best Western Freeport Inn. This hotel is located just between Freeport and Yarmouth, and it also has the convenience of the Freeport Cafe in the same parking lot. Book your stay at the Best Western Freeport Inn today.

Distance from Pineland:
18 minutes

A large log cabin-style lodge sits behind a wooden moose sculpture in the grass.

Located in Jackman-Moose River Valley, ME, Unity Environmental University’s Sky Lodge lets you relax and surround yourself with nature. The lodge offers year-round lodging and adventures. If you want to extend your stay and have a real Maine experience, book your stay today!

Distance from Pineland:
2 hours 55 minutes

Don’t forget to look into places like Airbnb and Expedia to find the best deals on places to stay near and around campus!

Pineland Farms | Indoor Activities | Outdoor Activities | Local Eateries | Places to Stay