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Residential Living


As you define your academic focus and build lasting friendships, look towards Cianchette Hall for community living that provides an atmosphere built for achievement. Each of the four Cianchette buildings encompasses small communities of learners tucked along the Unity Forest with easy access to labs and the library providing an excellent option for you and your closest friends.


  • Community living with four unique sections of the Cianchette Residence Hall (Red, Blue, Green, and Gold)
  • In Green, Red, and Blue, bathrooms are shared between two rooms providing increased privacy and accessibility
  • In Gold, there are gender-neutral bathrooms and shower rooms shared by the small community there.
  • Community lounge for shared activities, building personal connections, and diving into shared projects
  • Kitchenettes provided on each floor for making those late night snacks for study breaks.
  • Quiet atmosphere conducive to scholarship and academic excellence
  • Emotional support animals allowed in Cianchette Green, Red, and Gold

Community living

built for achievement

3 consecutive 5-week terms (17 weeks)$3,400
2 consecutive 5-week terms (11 weeks)$2,200
1 5-week term$1,000
1 week$200
1 day$30
Suite Single Room (additional per term)$300
All Other Single Rooms (additional per term)$350

Last Updated on July 13, 2023