Since emerging as a viable business in 2014, the hemp industry has been on the rise, and by 2022 it is estimated that hemp will be a $2 billion market in the United States. Despite what many consumers believe, hemp is more than just CBD and infused products, it can also be used as a sustainable alternative to plastics, and has the potential to be an innovative and environmentally-friendly resource that has yet to be fully explored.

Unity College recognizes hemp as an emerging market and knows that there are learners across the country who are interested in the business side of hemp, as well as the science behind it. With that in mind, the College has added a new degree program to its Distance Education portfolio called Sustainable Business Management: Hemp Industry and Science

“This is a great opportunity for those entrepreneurial types to get into this market while it’s still in its infancy,” said Unity College President Dr. Melik Peter Khoury. “This is an exciting time for the hemp industry, and it’s receiving a lot of attention from some of the most respected business publications in the country. A lot of professionals are looking at it, evaluating the situation, and saying now is the time to get in on this, and this degree will certainly give them an advantage that most others entering the hemp industry will not have.”

“In listening to what our students were looking for in terms of a business degree, there was a lot of interest in the hemp industry because it has shown the most potential for immediate and long-term development,” said Dr. Amy Arnett, Vice President Unity College Distance Education. “There are a lot of eyes on the hemp industry right now, but not a lot of programs like this focused on both the business and science aspects, so I think that is really going to appeal to learners all across the country.”

Students entering into the online program will take courses including Law, Society, and the Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Industry, The Science of Hemp and CBD, and Processing Hemp Products, Production Systems, and Distribution. 

“As America’s Environmental College, when we first started offering our business degrees, we knew that they had to be different from traditional business programs,” said Unity College’s Chief Learning Officer Dr. Erika Latty. “So the curriculum for our business degrees is presented through the lens of sustainability, and this latest program fits nicely within our mission.” 

Those interested in applying for the online degree program can apply and learn more by visiting our Distance Education page.