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Virtual Open House

Next start date is February 22. Applying is easy and free!

Welcome to Unity College’s Virtual Open House!

Emily Valli

Hello! I’m Emily Valli, lead recruiter for Hybrid Learning at Unity, and I’m excited to give you the grand tour. You may be wondering what Hybrid Learning is, how much it costs, and what it is like to study online and in-person at Unity. Follow me as I introduce you to faculty and staff that can answer all your questions.

But first off, let me introduce you to our President, Dr. Melik Peter Khoury, who can give you the big picture about why we decided to create Hybrid Learning for you:

Emily Valli

Like the president said, Hybrid Learning is designed to be flexible and affordable.

  • Affordable = pay only for the classes and services you choose
  • Flexible = 8 terms a year and 5-week courses let you study where and when you want, online or in-person (or a combination of the two)

Vice President of Hybrid Learning, Zach Falcon, has more to say about why he thinks it is the best option for students in these uncertain times:

Emily Valli

So by now, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what Hybrid Learning is all about, right? (Don’t worry, we won’t quiz you on any of this!) So what about applying? In the next two videos, I talk about how easy it is to apply, and my colleague, Heather McAnirlin, explains how military benefits work:

Emily Valli

I know what you are thinking…how much does all this cost? The Hybrid model is very affordable, and you only pay for what you use. And since every student’s financial situation is unique, we’d love to talk to you. We’ll provide a personalized financial plan that includes solutions for paying for college, including financial aid.

Get to know your Hybrid Learning faculty 

Emily Valli

What makes Unity special, really, are our dedicated faculty and the hands-on learning opportunities they provide. We love the outdoors, and our faculty find lots of ways to get us learning outside, even during a worldwide pandemic!

Dr. Kathy Crowley shows how you can identify plants in your own backyard.

Professor Doug Fox shows what his Renewable Energy class.

Dr. Aly McKnight shows cool new smartphone apps that you can use in determining habitat assessment anywhere.

Professor Michael Moody (and a current con-law student) explain how Hybrid learning is incredibly flexible, allowing students to work while attending school full-time.

Dr. Joshua Kercsmar delivers a brief demonstration of what you might learn in an Environmental Studies course.

Explore what it’s like to take an introductory drawing or scientific illustration course from Ben Potter, Professor of Art at Unity College!

Don’t you just love turtles?!? We do! Dr. Robert Adamski takes us into the Animal Room to care for an injured Wood Turtle. You’ll even learn something I bet you didn’t know about honey!

Dr. Dylan Dillaway discusses the trees found on the exterior and interior of the forest as an introduction to what you might expect to learn in his Hybrid Learning courses.