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Sustainable Energy Management

Bachelor of Science

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Energy management and

climate change

The sustainable energy management major allows students to develop their talents and skills as applied scientists, entrepreneurs, business managers, and planners in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as related responses to climate change.


Number of recent graduating class that are employed or attending graduate school


Student-to-faculty ratio


First college in the country to divest from fossil fuels

Sustainable Energy Management Major Program Highlights

Personalized Attention
Receive personalized training from committed, expert faculty.
Field Experience
Gain frequent field experience in forests, lakes, and the ocean.
Small Class Size
Learn in small classes focused on experiential learning and in labs taught by nationally recognized professors.
Numerous opportunities:creating a senior thesis project; working with faculty on undergraduate research; presenting at conferences.
Career Connection
Connect with state and local researchers to work on regional environmental issues.
Our Unique Location
The natural and cultural landscape of Maine is extraordinary with its lakes, forests, dramatic coastline.

Students majoring in sustainable energy management at Unity learn practical skills based on solid general theory. They make technology, learn practical implementation, and understand related accounting for costs and benefits. Students learn to evaluate and implement emerging technologies as well as design, quantify, and account for programs of energy efficiency and climate emission reductions.

With heavy emphasis on experiential and outdoor learning, rigorous studies at all levels of scientific inquiry, and small lab sections taught by nationally recognized professors, our program will prepare you to solve the world’s most pressing environmental problems.

What You Will Study

Many courses in the sustainable energy management program integrate other disciplines for cross-study purposes, helping you to consider solutions to human-natural systems in your coursework. As a student in our program, you will gain the fine-tuned skills and knowledge to become an experienced environmental problem-solver.

In addition to liberal arts foundation courses from our Environmental Citizen Curriculum, you will have the opportunity to study and specialize in renewable energy, green building, and carbon footprint reduction.

Many courses have an outdoor lab component in which you’ll learn in various nearby natural settings and then continue the learning process in the lab using modern equipment and technology.

Notable projects include:

Community Wind Assessment Program

Unity College works with Efficiency Maine and Maine Rural Partners to assess the wind potential on farms and in communities. Students install wind anemometer towers and analyze the results so farmers and citizens can make informed decisions.

Neighbor Warming Neighbor

Through this program students use the town of Unity as a living laboratory to learn to weatherize homes—everything from working with professional energy advisors to diagnose heat loss to air sealing. Through a recent grant, students worked with a committee to develop a new weatherization incentive program that is now a model used statewide.

Solar Energy Design

Unity College has a long history of involving its students in solar energy, from modern solar hot water panels on TerraHaus to refurbishing the panels President Carter put on the White House to our newly installed 144 panel array on Thomashow Labs and the library. Students recently hosted visitors on campus for the National Solar Tour to help others learn about solar energy.

TerraHaus and Unity House

TerraHaus is the first college residence in America to be certified a Passive House, meaning it uses less than 10% of the energy needed by similarly sized homes in our area. Students studying green building log onto the house’s energy monitoring system where we continue to learn to improve its design. Unity House is a net zero home, the first LEED Platinum certified president’s residence. Both have earned numerous awards. See our blog for more information:

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Unity College monitors its carbon footprint closely, and we have the lowest carbon footprint per student of any college we know! Students in the SEM program continue help us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Careers in Sustainable Energy Management

As a sustainable energy management graduate from Unity, you’ll have a wide range of career options available to you. These include doing governmental and scientific research, working in industry and private businesses, and working in communities or individual households via contracting or energy auditing. Upon graduation, students may choose work in the emerging energy job market either in the government or in the private sector. If the student would like to pursue a graduate degree, he or she will be poised as a competitive candidate to enter programs in business or science.

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