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Faculty Profiles

Seek out knowledge.

Learn from leaders.

Our world-class faculty are Fulbright Scholars, discover new species, exhibit art internationally, consult with international law enforcement, and win National Science Foundation grants.

More importantly, they are amazing instructors. Here are what some of our students have said about our faculty:

“Wendy Morrison is honestly the most engaged instructor I’ve ever seen. She was there for questions, suggestions, and help with research. The instruction was presented in a way as to learn how to do the work correctly while also learning the material. She was quick with suggestions on how to improve my own format, which I very much appreciated. She was encouraging and supportive. I can’t say enough good things about this instructor. Really!”

– Online Student, Spring 2018

Animal Health and Behavior, Biology, Marine Biology and Sustainable Aquaculture Faculty


Sustainable Business Faculty


Conservation Law Enforcement Faculty


Environmental Studies, Sustainability, Humanities, and Urban Planning Faculty


Wildlife Conservation and Management, GIS and Immersive Technologies Faculty

Last Updated on May 12, 2021